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By Jeremy Lawrence | September 25, 2013
The International SPA Association (ISPA) recently released key statistics from the ISPA 2013 U.S. Spa Industry Study. According to the study, total revenue, spa visits, revenue per visit, and the total number of employees and spa locations all experienced an increase over the previous year. The continuous ...

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By Sam Dhatt | September 26, 2013
Some ingredients are must-haves for the morning, while others should never see the light of day. Finding the right order for your skin care regimens will reap the maximum benefit of actives while reducing unwanted side effects.For most beauty junkies, finding the right sequence of products and knowing ...

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By Patrick Clark | August 27, 2013
I, perhaps like you, am not a physician. The information we share here is not a clinical guideline or recommendation but a compilation of experiences from manufacturers and users since lasers were introduced in May of 1961. The old maxim is not if you will see complications but how will you handle complications ...

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By The Aesthetic Science Institute | August 26, 2013
How often do you find yourself thinking, “Where did the day go?” Since I find myself saying it on a regular basis, I decided to take a closer look at exactly what I did with my day; two businesses, traveling, writing articles and teaching classes, five kids, and one husband. Where does the time go, indeed! ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | August 26, 2013
Obstacles await us in many forms. They test our will as well as our resources. They separate the wanton from the determined. Obstacles expose the easily frustrated and undisciplined. They systematically measure our desire, resolve and preparedness. Conversely, those same obstacles can lead us to the ...

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By Whitney Johnson | July 30, 2013
Exfoliation is the skin therapist’s art of uncovering what lies beneath. Skin care professionals know that exfoliation, including the new generation of chemical peels, allows for optimum penetration of any active ingredient. With a high demand of consumers desiring a smooth, refined feel to the skin, ...

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By Jennifer Linder, M.D., chief scientific officer for PCA SKIN® | July 30, 2013
Caffeine is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient in skin care and with good reason. Caffeine has previously received much hype for reducing the appearance of cellulite and puffiness under the eyes, but there is little supporting clinical evidence and any results are generally recognized as short-term. ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | July 25, 2013
DermOne™ Dermatology Centers has expanded into the state of Texas, adding three offices previously managed by U.S. Dermatology Medical Management, Inc., to its rapidly growing network of neighborhood dermatology centers. DermOne of Texas will initially serve the North Arlington, South Arlington and ...

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By Amanda Strunk Miller | March 10, 2014
Twenty years ago this month, my father became Associate Publisher of DERMASCOPE Magazine. Not so coincidentally, this month I accept the same position. As you might know from my previous editor’s notes through the years, I have grown up in the world of aesthetics where my passion has continued to evolve. ...

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By Enrique Ramirez, L.E., L.M.T. | May 29, 2014
Move over baby boomers! There is a new BOOM in town and it has nothing to do with combat boots or camouflage visages, and it is more virile than John Wayne desert galloping in the Old West! I am talking about today’s modern man who has made a handsome boom in the last 10 years. When savvy marketing companies ...

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By Tanisha Foster | April 6, 2015
It is likely as a practicing skin care professional that you are working hard to grow your clientele and fill your book. Maybe you are seeing upwards of eight to 15 clients a day. Whether you rent space or own a spa, the busier you become, the harder it is to balance everything. The better part of the ...

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By Douglas Preston, L.E. | October 18, 2016
Since the initial rush toward opening day spas began in the 1980s, the appeal of this business idea has not lost steam, even if the number of new players has. Skin care professionals, former spa directors, and even ordinary enthusiasts have all invested time and hard cash into beautiful facilities, both ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | April 3, 2015
Helix BioMedix, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company specializing in peptides, has announced the promotion of Robin L. Carmichael to the position of president. She will retain her title of chief operating officer and continue as a member of the company’s Board of Directors. Carmichael will be responsible ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | March 6, 2015
New studies have revealed that adding lignin to sunscreens may make them more effective. Lignin is commonly represented as something to avoid putting in products, but new research is stating otherwise. Lignin is a complex polymer that is derived from wood and the cell walls of plants and algae. It ...

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By Alison Adams-Woodford, L.E. | January 27, 2015
It all started in the 1920s when Coco Chanel fell asleep while outdoors on vacation in the French Riviera and woke up with an unintended sunburn. The style icon singlehandedly changed previous views that skin should be pale and pristine to one that viewed a tan as a fashion statement. There is a slow-moving ...

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