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By Terri Wojak | June 27, 2013
Skin conditions can be distressing at a visible level, however they are often triggered by responses occurring inside the body. Skin, being the largest organ of the body, can represent what is taking place from internal stress, to hormonal fluctuations, to an unhealthy lifestyle. The most common skin ...

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By | July 25, 2013
When I was a child, I had an old fashioned doctor who would always ask me to stick my tongue out and say AH. I never wondered why and, like many things in childhood, just accepted it as normal. As an adult, I discovered that both the Chinese and the Ayurvedic medical systems have a method for reading ...

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By | November 25, 2007
by Janet McCormick Most aestheticians love their job; they live, breath, and constantly discuss their work. Their vacations are spent at skin care shows, and their gifts to friends and family are free treatments. But they usually have a favorite service they do, and most have at least favorite one ...

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By Sara Fulton | December 27, 2016
by Sara Fulton and Vanessa Campa Exfoliation for skin health and rejuvenation is as old as the quest for beauty itself. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks discovered the benefits of exfoliation centuries ago, utilizing elements like alabaster, oils, and salt. Cleopatra bathed in milk as a mainstay of ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | June 27, 2017
On Friday, May 12, 2017, at Repêchage, preschoolers pampered their mothers with a spa day. Each child gave their mothers a miniature facial using Repêchage professional spa products recreating a true spa experience. Earlier in the week, Shiri Sarfati, a school mother and aesthetician, gave kids a tutorial ...

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By Lilliane Caron | April 21, 2017
Running a successful spa can be incredibly rewarding and profitable, but skin care professionals will need to be prepared to work hard. Professionals will also need to have basic business skills, be quick on their feet, and able to solve curve balls that are thrown at them. Most importantly, keep things ...

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By Rachael Pontillo, L.E., M.Msc, C.I.H.C., C.N.A.P. | April 21, 2017
Hyperpigmentation is beginning to rival acne and wrinkles as a top reason people consult aestheticians. Although different types of hyperpigmentation may have different etiologies, the outcome is still a visible result of what happens when melanocytes – whether in normal numbers in the basal layer of ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | March 24, 2017
Rhonda Allison is the founder of Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals, a leader in professional skin care and a globally recognized name. Allison is respected worldwide for her innovative work in the field of skin rejuvenation with acids, chemical peels, and cosmeceutical skin care and is a highly-regarded ...

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By Amanda Strunk Miller | March 24, 2017
Be everywhere. This piece of advice is often given to budding businesses who are trying to make an impression. The method is considered a positive way to build visibility online, cultivate traffic, and attract new prospects or leads. This idea works great for print, internet, or even community events; ...

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By Jeremy | February 20, 2017
Tweezerman is embracing growing global expansion with the launch of new, forward-looking Tweezerman packaging. The Tweezerman core collection has been an incredibly successful part of establishing the brand across the United States and, more recently, abroad. With over 100 items available, Tweezerman ...

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By Karym Urdaneta | February 20, 2017
The Darwin Project clarified Charles Darwin's famous conclusion; instead of implying that only the strong survive, Darwin said that "those who survive are the ones who most accurately perceive their environment and successfully adapt to it." With the changes that have occurred over the last few decades, ...

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By Debra Koerner | December 27, 2016
There is a tsunami coming and, fortunately, it is not the kind that leaves havoc and destruction in its wake. On the contrary, it is an immense wave of wellness that has the potential to positively impact the nation's health and well-being. Smart businesses and professionals are strategically deciphering ...

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By Melissa Lawrence | November 29, 2016
Aesthetics International Association (AIA) has returned from the International Congress of Esthetics & Spa (ICES), in beautiful, downtown Miami. That’s right, ICES moved to the beautiful Hyatt Regency Hotel & James L. Knight Center. Aside from the awesome new location, ICES also brought some ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | September 1, 2017
Bioelements Professional Skin Care is heartbroken to announce the passing of its founder and owner, industry leader Barbara Salomone, after an ongoing illness. Salomone passed away peacefully in her California home, with her husband Ross at her side. "There are no words to express our sadness,” said ...

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By Michelle Richardson, L.E. | November 21, 2016
Aestheticians are considered licensed makeup artists, however, very few skin care professionals take advantage of that title. Studies show that most women wish they were more skilled at applying their own makeup. Statistics show that the retail cosmetic sales industry is a billion dollar business. Licensed ...

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