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By Michelle D’Allaird, L.E. | July 30, 2014
As aestheticians, we must understand that we do not treat skin conditions. Skin conditions are treated by those with an M.D. after their name. As skin care professionals, it is our job to enhance the health of the skin with our products and services. In order to do this, what we do in the treatment room ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | July 25, 2014
I am a passionate chemist and a loving father and husband, and in both arenas I do my best to be both dedicated and inquisitive. Being able to change and learn is one of life’s greatest gifts, so any time I can discover something new, whether it is in the laboratory or on a trip with my family – I am ...

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By Irena James | July 28, 2014
Over 50 percent of all new cosmetics introduced globally in the last 10 years contain at least one silicone. Slowly, but surely, silicones are becoming one the most valued ingredient categories used in the luxury skin care products. They have become critical in many high-end, high-performance skin care ...

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By Cheri Everingham, C.H.T.P. | July 31, 2014
Take care of yourself. We all say it to our clients, but how many of us do it? Making yourself a priority can feel selfish or cause a bad case of guilt. But consider this: you can invest in yourself from a place of wellness and self-love or spend money and time on the path of physical and emotional recovery. ...

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By Rachelle Dupree, marketing and communications at Vivoderm Laboratories, Inc. | July 31, 2014
STATEMENT: Drinking too much caffeine has a negative effect on the skin. Facts: Is caffeine bad for your skin? The current scientific research says yes and no. According to recent studies, up to 90 percent of Americans consume caffeine daily in one form or another, whether that is through coffee, tea, ...

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By Courtney La Marine, L.E., owner of Clove Studios | June 20, 2016
There are many benefits of vitamin E, including that it can be helpful in treating and preventing heart and blood vessel diseases, such as hardening of the arteries; diabetes; brain and nervous system diseases; and nerve and muscle disorders. Furthermore, immunity levels can improve when vitamin E is ...

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By Michelle Richardson, L.E. | November 21, 2016
Aestheticians are considered licensed makeup artists, however, very few skin care professionals take advantage of that title. Studies show that most women wish they were more skilled at applying their own makeup. Statistics show that the retail cosmetic sales industry is a billion dollar business. Licensed ...

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By Vida Karamooz, Ph.D. | June 20, 2016
More and more clients are beginning to ask about the health benefits of green tea. The accelerating growth of green tea in the United States market is undeniable. Over the last decade, green tea has gradually found its place in virtually every household, tea bar, café, and restaurant. Green tea has gained ...

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By Ben Johnson, M.D. | August 29, 2018
It is probably safe to say that aestheticians often struggle with their professional relationships with dermatologists in their town. While society has deemed them as the foremost experts in the area of skin, many aestheticians know about treatments and concepts that are highly effective and excellent ...

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By | November 28, 2017
Known mainly as a serious problem among teenagers, acne is considered the most common skin affliction affecting pre-teens and young adults. However, acne often affects adults through their 30s, 40s, and even 50s, and the incidence of inflammatory acne is growing across all of these groups, although experts ...

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By Amanda Strunk-Miller | January 22, 2018
I’m sure by now it is apparent that we have updated quite a few department designs in the magazine for 2018. While many of the pages feature new content elements, several departments just got a mini face lift! It’s a fresh look to start the year off right. Something our editorial team has added to ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | July 22, 2018
The Queen of Peels Rhonda Allison is the founder of Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals and RED Method. She is highly respected worldwide for her innovative work with acids and chemical peels and is known in the professional aesthetics world as a pioneering formulator, educator, speaker, and author. Having ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | July 24, 2018
THE LASER GUY Louis Silberman, CEO of National Laser Institute, pioneered the cosmetic laser training industry. He launched out of his garage in 1998, which became the sixth most visited pharmacy website, with 500,000 visitors per month - beating out CVS and Walgreens. Silberman is a ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | July 24, 2018
THE MOTIVATOR Karen Asquith is the national director of education for G.M. Collin Skin Care, developing innovative skin care training programs to elevate the aesthetician’s professional expertise. For the past two decades, Asquith has consistently been featured as a guest lecturer at skin care industry ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | July 24, 2018
THE SKIN SAVANT Manon Pilon has conducted seminars internationally, educating medical specialists, aestheticians, dermatologists, nurses, plastic surgeons, and professionals spanning several other medical fields. She is an author, spa consultant, internationally recognized educator, researcher, and ...

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