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By Ben Johnson, M.D. | January 1, 2019
The number one goal of most skin care companies is to temporarily minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while using clever language that makes clients think wrinkle prevention or even wrinkle repair is actually happening. With so many bright scientific minds working on more permanent solutions, ...

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By Ben Johnson, M.D. | August 29, 2018
It is probably safe to say that aestheticians often struggle with their professional relationships with dermatologists in their town. While society has deemed them as the foremost experts in the area of skin, many aestheticians know about treatments and concepts that are highly effective and excellent ...

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By Peter Friis, CEO of ESSIO Shower | January 26, 2017
While at home, it is important for clients to apply essential oils properly to avoid adverse reactions as essential oils are pure, potent liquids that can irritate the skin if they are not applied correctly. When using essential oils, the first thing clients should do is identify a carrier oil. Carrier ...

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KLAPP Cosmetics USA
August 12, 2013
Beauty Wellness A beautiful appearance at any age Indulge yourself PRODUCTS CONTACT CUSTOMER MAGAZINE PROFESSIONAL AREA PRESS REFERENCES Depending on lifestyle, age, climate and seasons, the skin's needs can change. Here you can determine your skin's ...

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By Melissa Picoli, L.E. | January 27, 2015
The sunscreen conversation has felt static for some time. We make the recommendation to wear sunscreen and re-apply often to clients as often as we ask them to hydrate. Here is the tricky part: it is not that simple. There is so much gray area, so much uncertainty and, as the people that clients visit ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | December 11, 2015
Researchers at Dermapro, a skin research institute, and scientists from Korea have discovered that applying a 4% alpha hydroxy acid solution, combined with water jet pressure, rapidly improves effects on whiteheads and blackheads on the face. These results have led them to believe that combined physical ...

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By Linda Gulla | October 30, 2014
When working with teenage skin, there are various factors to consider. The biggest concern with teenagers is acne. With the approach of puberty, most teenagers become self-conscience of their appearance, and the onset of acne comes with changing hormone levels. As a skin care professional, you should ...

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By Dasha Saian | October 24, 2014
As skin care professionals, we all know what a dramatic difference using an amazing serum can make. It can take years off a client’s appearance, reduce fatigue, tighten pores, minimize rosacea, soothe dryness, reduce hyperpigmentation, and diminish wrinkles. Understanding SerumsAs defined in the ...

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By | October 30, 2014
Determination. Willpower. Focus. Drive. Commitment. These are all terms that describe one’s devotion to achieving certain tasks or goals, no matter how lofty they may seem. These can be goals for improving one’s skin, diet, or overall appearance – or a business or personal goal like buying a house or ...

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By | October 23, 2014
DMK®, internationally renowned skin revision treatments and product line, appointed Patty Schmucker as their first CEO. Being the former CEO and president of Performance Branding Services (PBS) and founder of DoshaCare, Ayurvedic Skincare, leads Schmucker to being well-versed in the world of skin. She ...

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By Amanda Strunk Miller | October 23, 2014
Each holiday is designed to provide a respite from our toiling and bring friends and family together to celebrate. Because the origins of Thanksgiving are to celebrate a bountiful harvest, this particular holiday always reminds me of the opportunity to be aware and thankful for so many things in my life. ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | October 30, 2014
Tucked into a breathtaking Adirondack woodland setting, Lake Placid’s first-ever resort spa experience takes the region’s wellness offerings to a new level. The Spa at Whiteface Lodge brings the natural beauty and bounty of its surroundings into its rustic timber design, which evokes the historic Adirondack ...

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By Annette Hanson, president of Atelier Esthetique® Institute of Esthetics | December 11, 2015
Hydrotherapy, Europe’s traditional “Spa Kur” approach, has now become a popular wellness treatment in the United States. Hydrotherapy uses water to restore, maintain, and regulate health. Adjusting water temperature and pressure allows for the stimulation of blood circulation. Throughout history, ...

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