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By Jeremy Lawrence | April 3, 2015
Spilo Worldwide is proud to announce the appointment of Misty Becker as director of worldwide sales. Becker joined Spilo in 2014 with over 15 years of sales leadership experience focused on consultative selling and customer relationships. After spending nine years as a sales leader with Staples, Inc., ...

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By Rick Kawamura, vice president of marketing at LocBox | March 6, 2015
When people are searching for or come across a new business, they turn to reviews to see what other people have to say about their experience. It is through reviews that they read about a particular staff member, a treatment, or even the overall experience that gets them excited about booking an appointment. ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | July 25, 2014
Problem: Spider Veins Telangiectasias, or spider veins, are tiny, web-like veins that form typically on areas of the body, such as the legs or face. Similar to varicose veins, spider veins appear as red, blue or purple branches that form close to the surface of the skin. They form due to a lack of blood ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | June 27, 2014
Rich Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Richard L. Chang to the Company's Medical Advisory Board. Chang is the inventor and patent holder for indications presently being developed by Rich Pharmaceuticals. During his distinguished career, he has authored 121 peer-reviewed ...

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By Melissa Picoli, L.E., founder of BijaBody health+beauty | July 7, 2014
The backbar hydrating mask can be used after facials as a nourishing mask base, or it can be applied to hands after a manicure to create a more thorough skin care treatment rather than just nail care. It is a backbar must and a perfect addition to any skin calming or anti-aging treatment. This luxurious ...

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By | October 29, 2013
Cellular buildup is a key culprit to premature aging, dehydration and acne breakouts, which is why skin exfoliation at home is an integral practice to maintain optimal skin health. Alpha and beta hydroxy acids are widely used to exfoliate and smooth the skin, but can cause unwanted irritation and are ...

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By Alexandra J. Zani | August 26, 2013
In a society that seeks an instant fountain of youth in a pot, ingredient or treatment, an essential role for the aesthetician is to be able to understand and choose professional products and treatments that are safe and appropriate for each client. How does the aesthetician decipher the hundreds of ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | August 22, 2013
Sente, Inc., recently announced the appointment of Michael York as president, chief executive officer and a member of the board of directors. York joins Sente after more than 20 years in management and leadership positions at Amylin Pharmaceuticals; Santarus, Inc.; Amgen; and AstraZeneca.

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By Jeremy Lawrence | August 22, 2013
Footlogix goes mobile with a mobile application for foot care on the go. Pedicurists can now compare the gallery of photographs to the actual conditions they are treating and be guided to the most effective products for their clients’ feet. Professionals can take a picture, send it via the application, ...

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By Susan Etter | August 26, 2013
Let us take a look at this scenario: you have decided to get laser hair removal. You first visit Spa A, which promises to give you six treatments – all for the incredible price of $99 and the offer is only valid if the first treatment is done immediately. Next, you visit Spa Z, where a consultation visit ...

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By Amra | September 26, 2013
Hand and feet products are important to any business that wants to earn additional revenue. Our hands and feet are used on a daily basis, causing mild to extreme wear and tear on the skin. The skin on these two extremities may become rough, dry, cracked and could possibly suffer from eczema, psoriasis ...

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By Sam Dhatt | September 26, 2013
Some ingredients are must-haves for the morning, while others should never see the light of day. Finding the right order for your skin care regimens will reap the maximum benefit of actives while reducing unwanted side effects.For most beauty junkies, finding the right sequence of products and knowing ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | September 25, 2013
Jumozy, a division of Salon Channel, Inc., is offering a new National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) approved craniosacral therapy course online. This course will walk students through the techniques used in a general craniosacral therapeutic session to assess and palpate ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | September 26, 2013
Throughout this series, we have discussed developing the principles of empowerment and leadership. Planning, prioritizing, organizing, applying initiative and overcoming obstacles all empower us, bring us closer to our goals, and develop our leadership skills. Two of the most necessary skills we develop ...

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By Ahmed Abdullah, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S., CEO and founder of LEXLI® International, Inc. | September 27, 2013
Understanding the various functions of this ingredient to ensure better results for your clientele. No longer a novel approach to anti-aging, the use of peptides in skin care formulations has become commonplace. However, finding an effective peptide skin care product is not as easy as simply scanning ...

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