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By Pamela Taylor, internationally-recognized fashion and celebrity makeup artist | July 21, 2015
Bridal makeup is a very specialized field within the makeup profession. When applying bridal makeup on a bride’s actual wedding day, there is a marked difference in the application. Why is bridal makeup different? When applying makeup for a magazine shoot, the application is often done for the camera. ...

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By | July 6, 2015
This toner is gentle, purifying, and balancing as well as versatile. It may be used before or after the application of a mask, and before the application of a suitable moisturizer. While great for oily or combination skin, it also works well on most skin types. Ingredients: 4 cups distilled water 1/2 ...

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By | July 6, 2015
In the realm of male skin care, simplicity is the key to education, lifestyle integration, results, and ongoing dedication. By nature, males are focused and minimalistic in their approach to obtaining and maintaining their skin health. Therefore, multifunctional skin care products, such as an anti-aging ...

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By | June 30, 2015
Wellness Center USA, Inc. announced the appointment of Seth B. Forman, M.D. as medical director of Psoria-Shield, Inc. Forman is an internationally recognized expert on the treatment of psoriasis and other auto-immune skin diseases, as well as an early adopter of the Psoria-Light®. As PSI continues ...

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By | June 9, 2015
We all have those nights when we are just too bone-tired to take off our makeup. But when it gets to be a habit, that is when trouble can start. Let us begin by looking at multiple studies done by people who have purposely not removed their makeup for one full month to see what would happen. The ...

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By Krista McKowen, L.E., director of media education for BiON Research | June 9, 2015
Beauty comes from wellness. Wellness can be found through nature and a holistic approach to skin and body care. And the sourcing of this approach to beauty lies in ingredients found in plants, known as phytotherapy. The term phytotherapy was coined by a French physician by the name of Henry Leclerc. ...

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By Christine Pemberton | June 8, 2015
It is generally true that most people eat with care to ensure that what they ingest supports major internal organ function. When cooking, simple and clean ingredients often create the best cuisine. The same principle should hold true for the makeup that clients use on a daily basis to enhance, not mask, ...

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By Rachael Pontillo, L.E., B. Msc., A.A.D.P., C.H.C. | April 7, 2015
Wellness is a growing trend in the spa industry. While it began with holistic therapies such as body wraps and hydrotherapy, it has now expanded beyond facial and body treatments and into a full health and lifestyle regimen that incorporates nutrition, fitness, meditation, environmental changes, stress ...

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By | June 8, 2015
Although there are many different ways to apply makeup, temporary beauty fads, and cultural norms, there are also beauty trends that are classic and timeless. For the average person in most cultures, the daily goal is to have natural beauty be the focus with some enhancement. When we start to overdo ...

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By | June 8, 2015
The materials used to apply the craft of a professional makeup artist is as important as the applications themselves. Having the right shade of color means nothing if you do not have the proper brush to create the look a client desires. A makeup artist's clientele can vary across a broad spectrum – from ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | June 1, 2015
Vivant Skin Care's president and co-founder Sara Fulton has dedicated over 40 years to producing ground-breaking skin care. She started her career in research while obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree at Drexel University inPhiladelphia, Penn. She was one of the first women to own and operate an ...

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By Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck | May 6, 2015
Pelotherapy is defined as the therapeutic application of clay (mud), specifically through clay baths or localized applications called “peloids.” Clay has been a staple in beauty rituals for thousands of years and its medicinal use dates back to the second century A.D. Naturopathic physicians have ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | April 29, 2015
AAK Personal Care has appointed Nordmann Rassmann Polska as sole distributor in Poland. The partnership paves the way for further growth. Cosmetic ingredient supplier AAK Personal Care looks to strengthen its position in the Polish market and to intensify technical support to the Polish cosmetics customers. ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | April 28, 2015
H2O+, brand leader of premium, marine-based skin care products, announced the appointment of Joy Chen as the company's new president and chief executive officer. Chen brings over 20 years of industry experience and a proven track record of driving sales and profit growth in demanding, complex turnaround ...

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By Leticia Mendonca, content director at Pink Horizons | April 8, 2015
One of your regular clients calls to schedule an appointment for collagen induction therapy. She has read all about this non-ablative, skin regeneration treatment, and she wants to look younger for her 45th birthday. Your service desk receives her call and schedules a pre-treatment consultation. While ...

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