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By Rachael Pontillo, L.E., B. Msc., A.A.D.P., C.H.C. | April 7, 2015
Wellness is a growing trend in the spa industry. While it began with holistic therapies such as body wraps and hydrotherapy, it has now expanded beyond facial and body treatments and into a full health and lifestyle regimen that incorporates nutrition, fitness, meditation, environmental changes, stress ...

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By Amra | November 28, 2014
There is no greater experience for a woman than that of being pregnant and carrying another life inside of her. Approximately 40 weeks of her life will change dramatically. Certain foods and drinks she used to partake of will change; some of her skin care regimen will be altered and her activities may ...

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By Erin Madigan-Fleck, M.D., L.E. | November 28, 2014
The history of electrotherapeutics has presented a long legacy of scientists, researchers, and physicians determined to illustrate the connection between healing, rejuvenation, and electrical current. The ancients in Egypt, Greece, and Rome utilized electric eels in therapy for headaches and neuralgia, ...

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By Erin Ferrill, L.E. | November 26, 2014
Achemical peel burn is every skin care professional’s worst nightmare, but no matter how skilled the professional, burns can happen. The causes can be many – an undiagnosed skin condition or undisclosed medication, perhaps even sun exposure that the client considered negligible or forgot about. If ...

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By Greg Moses, general manager at BioElixia | December 1, 2014
Dry brushing has become an ongoing consumer trend lately! But what exactly is it? Dry brushing is a popular spa technique that assists to minimize the appearance of saddle bag skin, also known as cellulite, by sloughing those dry, flaky upper skin cells for visibly smoother, more radiant skin. In ...

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By Leticia Mendonca | December 23, 2014
It is well past dinnertime, but you just got home after wrapping up yet another exhausting day at work. No doubt you enjoy caring for the clients at your spa, but who gives care to the caregiver? You know that your advice applies to your body too, but your inclination to give care pushes your needs to ...

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By Michelle D’Allaird, L.E. | December 23, 2014
I think the worst part of writing this article was that I had the “slapped in the face” realization that “oh no, this is me!” Although I am not quite yet experiencing the physiological characteristics, my age is certainly applicable as is the horrific realization that yes, I am getting older! So though ...

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By | December 23, 2014
Showing your professionalism in the workplace is not just common courtesy; it will help earn return clients who appreciate the effort you put into your actions and attire. Maintaining professionalism puts clients at ease so that they can enjoy their experience to the fullest. When clients find a true ...

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By | December 23, 2014
In the morning, I cleanse my face with warm water, then cold water, and then apply a toner. Then, I apply a serum during cooler months and a hydrophilic barrier cream during warmer months. Lastly, I apply a mineral makeup with SPF protection. At night, after cleansing my face, I apply a toner and ...

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By | January 22, 2015
It is time to help clients that are looking for a beautiful, soft makeup look. For spring, the ideal makeup is soft and light. Heavy, creamy makeup can be a client’s worst enemy – and yours. Natural color palettes are the easiest and most popular during spring. As makeup artists, our goal should be to ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | June 27, 2014
Revision Skincare is pleased to announce the appointment of Shannon Prendergast to the position of account executive. Shannon comes to Revision with seven years of sales in the medical aesthetic industry. She will cover the territory of Southern Conneticut as well as the Suffolk, Nassau and Westchester ...

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By Michael Q. Pugliese, L.E. | April 8, 2015
Applying sunscreen daily should be recommended to clients by all skin care professionals. As a professional, it is important to know which ingredients are commonly in sunscreens and what the regulations are so clients can be better assisted. Skin care professionals should stay up-to-date on sunscreen ...

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By Mia Hartmann | August 31, 2015
As different aging processes take over, the need for ingredients and procedures that target loss of volume increases with age. Gradual alteration of the extracellular matrix leads to loss of elasticity, just as changes in adipose tissue distribution lead to structural aging due to lipoatrophy (loss of ...

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By | June 9, 2015
We all have those nights when we are just too bone-tired to take off our makeup. But when it gets to be a habit, that is when trouble can start. Let us begin by looking at multiple studies done by people who have purposely not removed their makeup for one full month to see what would happen. The ...

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By Alexandra J. Zani | August 31, 2015
Arecent conversation with a skin care professional revealed that she had concerns regarding her skin care practice. She expressed that she had difficulty rebooking clients. Many came once, but never called back for another appointment. As incentives, she offered discounts or gave away facial gift certificates ...

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