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By Jeremy Lawrence | March 4, 2015
During a recent three-country lecture tour, I happened to attend a conference where a video was being presented, showing a local skin guru performing an acne treatment on what appeared to be a teenaged boy.His face, back, and chest were infested with papules and pustules, and the therapist was very professional ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | June 27, 2014
The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) and the Dermatologic & Aesthetic Surgery International League (DASIL) have approved a new partnership that will improve the awareness of and access to the organizations’ educational programs. The groups will collaborate to advance two international ...

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By | January 26, 2015
L’Oreal USA announces the appointment of Marc Toulemonde as president of the active cosmetics division. In this role, he will continue to grow the success of the SkinCeuticals, La Roche-Posay, Dermablend, and Vichy brands in the United States. Toulemonde brings a wealth of expertise to the role from ...

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By | January 28, 2015
An English proverb proclaims that the eyes are the window of the soul. Clearly, the eye area is a focal point for human interaction. The aesthetic appeal of the eyes is directly related to the skin surrounding them as demonstrated by the wide variety of eye cosmetics marketed today. Optimized care ...

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By Allyson Harold, lead makeup artist and color trend specialist at Mineralogie | January 26, 2015
Spring is approaching quickly and this year’s colors and techniques boast the most fun yet! Emerge from hibernation to become inspired by nature and all the colors it has to offer. Vivid color can be especially intimidating after a season of dark and vampy shades. This spring, take a fearless and original ...

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By Melissa Picoli, L.E. | January 27, 2015
The sunscreen conversation has felt static for some time. We make the recommendation to wear sunscreen and re-apply often to clients as often as we ask them to hydrate. Here is the tricky part: it is not that simple. There is so much gray area, so much uncertainty and, as the people that clients visit ...

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By | January 27, 2015
Hydrotherapy, derived from the Greek words hydro and therapeia, meaning water and healing, is the application of water, either internally or externally, for the treatment of physical or psychological dysfunction. Bathing in water has been considered healing since the beginning of recorded time and across ...

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By | January 22, 2015
It is time to help clients that are looking for a beautiful, soft makeup look. For spring, the ideal makeup is soft and light. Heavy, creamy makeup can be a client’s worst enemy – and yours. Natural color palettes are the easiest and most popular during spring. As makeup artists, our goal should be to ...

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By | December 23, 2014
In the morning, I cleanse my face with warm water, then cold water, and then apply a toner. Then, I apply a serum during cooler months and a hydrophilic barrier cream during warmer months. Lastly, I apply a mineral makeup with SPF protection. At night, after cleansing my face, I apply a toner and ...

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By Greg Moses, general manager at BioElixia | December 1, 2014
Dry brushing has become an ongoing consumer trend lately! But what exactly is it? Dry brushing is a popular spa technique that assists to minimize the appearance of saddle bag skin, also known as cellulite, by sloughing those dry, flaky upper skin cells for visibly smoother, more radiant skin. In ...

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By Leticia Mendonca | December 23, 2014
It is well past dinnertime, but you just got home after wrapping up yet another exhausting day at work. No doubt you enjoy caring for the clients at your spa, but who gives care to the caregiver? You know that your advice applies to your body too, but your inclination to give care pushes your needs to ...

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By Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck | May 6, 2015
Pelotherapy is defined as the therapeutic application of clay (mud), specifically through clay baths or localized applications called “peloids.” Clay has been a staple in beauty rituals for thousands of years and its medicinal use dates back to the second century A.D. Naturopathic physicians have ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | June 1, 2015
Vivant Skin Care's president and co-founder Sara Fulton has dedicated over 40 years to producing ground-breaking skin care. She started her career in research while obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree at Drexel University inPhiladelphia, Penn. She was one of the first women to own and operate an ...

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By Mary Van | December 2, 2015
It is no secret that choosing the correct shade of foundation is essential in creating the appearance of a flawless complexion. However, some clients do not realize the importance of wearing the best formulation of foundation for their skin. With so many options available on the market, it can be ...

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By Debra Locker | July 27, 2015
Think about your most important relationships. What do they have in common? Traits such as clear communication, trust, and honesty likely come to mind. If you are thinking of hiring a public relations professional for your brand, it is critical that those traits exist. It is important to have intimate, ...

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