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By | December 22, 2014
21st Century Television is pleased to announce that Naturel Collagen has won the prestigious “Telly Award” for excellence in programming. Naturel Collagen offers anti-aging products that use fish-based collagen, which interacts perfectly with the human body. Naturel Collagen’s products possess epidermal ...

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By Kelley Moore | March 23, 2017
Great customer service is the cornerstone of any business – keeping clients happy with their services and overall brand will keep them coming back. Customer service now goes well beyond talking to the front desk staff, calling the customer care line, or even sending an e-mail. Customer service lives ...

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By Amra | September 28, 2015
Women have reigned in the skin care industry as the prominent, key consumers of products for centuries. Product lines based products off the female sector’s desires and needs, creating a plethora of stock keeping units (SKUs) to stock on shelves in stores. In the past, men’s products only consisted of ...

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By | January 27, 2015
Hydrotherapy, derived from the Greek words hydro and therapeia, meaning water and healing, is the application of water, either internally or externally, for the treatment of physical or psychological dysfunction. Bathing in water has been considered healing since the beginning of recorded time and across ...

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By Sami Gonzales | July 25, 2014
Most of us have never really given much thought to our hair. We shampoo it, style it, and have it cut. How would you feel if one day you woke up and your hair was gone? How would you react? If your client has been diagnosed with cancer and is about to undergo chemotherapy, the chance of hair loss is ...

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By Christine Heathman, C.M.E., L.M.T. | April 10, 2014
People with skin of color will soon make up the majority of the United States. This will have a significant impact on the practice of professional skin care. Generally, lighter shades of skin have been the dominant skin type in the United States. This is the skin type that the majority of skin care treatments ...

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By Amanda Strunk Miller | March 29, 2013
When we think of these two essential oils, Sweet Orange (citrus sinensis) and Mandarin (citrus reticulata), the words that come to mind are joy, happy, uplifting and optimism. These oils are absolute favorites in the spa, being safe, nontoxic and are oils that all clients can benefit from. The therapeutic ...

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By | September 4, 2012
As we all strive for health and longevity, there is a growing interest towards the use of botanical-based skin care products. Plants historically hold the wisdom of the earth and can unite a generation who suffers from nature deficit disorder, to be a little closer to that which is unaffected by commercialism.In ...

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By William Strunk | March 4, 2013
The aromatherapy tree, botanical name, Citrus aurantium var. amara, is unique to aromatherapy production. The tree earns its name because three different essential oils are obtained from the same plant: Neroli, from the beautiful blossoms; Petitgrain, from the leaves; and Bitter Orange, from the peel ...

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By Katherine Tomasso, L.E., C.M.T. | April 21, 2016
Globally, the mature skin category amounts to 25 percent of the skin care market and almost 40 percent of the anti-aging market. People are living longer lives than ever before due to better life expectancies, decreased mortality rates, and declining fertility rates. Now more than ever, it is important ...

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