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Satin Smooth and Healing Zone Aesthetics Invite their most prestigious Spa Directors and Lead Aestheticians To experience the launch of SmoothSculpt and DermaRadiance by Satin Smooth. "Join us for a glass of champagne, wine or sparkling ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | November 17, 2018
Do you struggle with finding ideas to post on social media? When you do post a status update, do you find it difficult to get viewers to engage? Do you scramble when trying to find visuals and instead post content in a hurry? Consistency seems to be a common thread within the spa industry on social media, but do not lose heart. It is key to building ...

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By Barry Eichner | November 17, 2018
Social media is one of the most confusing subjects that any spa owner or manager deals with on a regular basis. For many spa owners, the general topic of marketing is overwhelming and digital marketing can be even more confusing. Most spa owners simply do not know what they need to do to maximize their web presence. When the topic of digital media ...

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By William Strunk | November 17, 2018
State Board Aesthetician Licensing Requirements *inquirers should be aware that for the most accurate information on licensing, they should contact their state board department Alabama 1000 hours of training in an approved school or 2000 hours in an approved apprenticeship program Must also submit an application and pay $195 licensing ...

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