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By Jeremy | July 30, 2015
Improperly moisturizing the face can cause skin to be dull and dry instead of smooth and soft. There are certain things skin care professionals need to make clients aware of when applying moisturizer, such as spreading it on evenly, treating areas separately, ...

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By | December 4, 2012
From baking soda to salt, there are several items that are considered staples within the typical American kitchen. One such item is apple cider vinegar. Whether it is used to make salad dressing or as a household cleanser this pantry item has played a ...

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By | May 9, 2012
Eligible aesthetic students could receive a one thousand dollar incentive scholarship while attending aesthetic school. Applicants must be midway through an aesthetics only training program, maintain at least 80 percent attendance, and maintain an 80 ...

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By Ellie Malmin | December 28, 2016
Vaseline is 100 percent pure petroleum jelly, which is a blend of mineral oil and waxes, and has been around for over 140 years. It has been used in a variety of ways, such as the moisturization of dry, chapped skin. However, should a skin care professional ...

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By Doctor D. Schwab | May 21, 2013
In our skin care video series, our Educator and Esthetician Tami shows you professional skincare techniques that can be used at home.Here, learn the proper procedure for using Doctor D. Schwab Puff Away Eye Gel, an age-defying eye gel which reduces the ...

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By AVSVideos2 | August 5, 2014
Learn how to apply eyelash extensions by watching the Aesthetic VideoSource online training videos and DVDs at Eyelash extensions are de rigueur among celebrities for 24/7 luscious, long lashes...and their popularity ...

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By Noreen Young, L.E. | July 20, 2016
Makeup can do wonders when it is applied properly to the skin. With the recent emphasis on makeup on social media, clients often think that they have to contour, strobe, highlight, reverse contour, and more. However, that kind of application becomes too ...

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