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By Lina Kennedy | September 30, 2015
Bacteria can come in many different shapes and sizes with varying degrees of severity. It is important to note that not all bacteria are bad, as many of them are helpful and essential to life. The difference between non-pathogenic and pathogenic bacteria ...

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By Brenda Linday | December 29, 2015
Whether you are a startup spa, an established medical practice, or an independent skin care professional, you know that active client engagement is vital to your success. Without question, reaching your current clientele and prospecting new clients is ...

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By Jeremy | December 22, 2015
This holiday season, DERMASCOPE Magazine and Grace Village Foundation sponsored a Christmas celebration for two families in need. The mission of Grace Village Foundation is to serve families in transition. They provide sanctuary, therapy, support groups, ...

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By AVSVideos2 | August 5, 2014
Learn how to apply eyelash extensions by watching the Aesthetic VideoSource online training videos and DVDs at Eyelash extensions are de rigueur among celebrities for 24/7 luscious, long lashes...and their popularity ...

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By Jeremy | March 21, 2016
Sciote Skin is excited to announce that their products now come packaged in personal message boxes. Building on their philosophies of awareness, knowledge, compassion, and love, they have added personalized messages of encouragement to each box. This ...

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By Jeremy | March 24, 2016
As the only full-service, oceanfront spa in Northeast Florida, The Spa at One Ocean Resort & Spa is Northeast Florida’s chicest beachfront boutique resort in Atlantic Beach. This spa touts more than 40 marine-inspired rituals comprised of specialty ...

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By Jeremy | May 3, 2016
Elizabeth Cardarelli pioneered the field of medical aesthetics 25 years ago with the top plastic surgeons and dermatologists in Philadelphia, Penn. to educate, inspire, and serve as a trusted, personal navigator to patients in becoming the healthiest, ...

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By Jeremy | June 1, 2016
On September 20th and 21st, 2015, the Aesthetics International Association (AIA) sponsored four continuing education classes at the International Congress of Esthetics & Spa (ICES) tradeshow in Long Beach, Calif. At this tradeshow, a wonderful group ...

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By Lydia Sarfati | October 2, 2014
It is the little things in life that make us happy – and a lot of little things can mean a lot of extra money for your spa! Think about it, airlines and credit card companies have been using add-ons and upgrades to bring in extra bucks for years. Consumers ...

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By Kristina Valiani, L.E. | October 28, 2014
Aestheticians are in the unique position to observe many skin disorders and some diseases. Even though it is out of the aesthetician’s scope of practice to treat skin diseases, having knowledge is power, and skin care professionals should be able to recognize ...

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By George Taylor, M.D. | May 30, 2014
Human stem cell science is frequently in the news with stories about how these amazing cells hold promise to treat disease, slow aging and even extend life. There are also stories about how stem cells can be useful in skin rejuvenation, adding an aesthetic ...

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By Jenny Hogan | September 26, 2014
Continuing education is a vital part of career growth in the aesthetic industry as well as the growth of every spa business. Educational classes are now being offered online, making it easier than ever to continue learning on your own schedule. You can ...

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By Jeremy | March 27, 2014
As a practitioner in the beauty industry for a decade, I believe I have experienced every high and low one could encounter. I have had overflowing appointment books and spent countless hours waiting for the phone to ring. I have worked on commissions, ...

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By Jeremy | September 25, 2013
Rhonda Allison founded Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals more than 25 years ago. Today, the company is a leader in the professional skin care industry and a globally recognized name. Allison is respected worldwide for her innovative work with acids and chemical ...

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By Jeremy | October 28, 2013
Kathryn Leverette has been a licensed aesthetician, acne specialist, ethnic skin expert, consultant, and industry educator since 1987. In addition to acne, ethnic and sensitive skin, she specializes in hyperpigmentation and scar reduction. Her clientele ...

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