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By | June 8, 2015
Although there are many different ways to apply makeup, temporary beauty fads, and cultural norms, there are also beauty trends that are classic and timeless. For the average person in most cultures, the daily goal is to have natural beauty be the focus with some enhancement. When we start to overdo ...

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By Christine Pemberton | June 8, 2015
It is generally true that most people eat with care to ensure that what they ingest supports major internal organ function. When cooking, simple and clean ingredients often create the best cuisine. The same principle should hold true for the makeup that clients use on a daily basis to enhance, not mask, ...

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By Catherine Atzen, M.B.A., CIDESCO | June 8, 2015
The trend spans over a generation and solidifies. As years pass, an increasing percentage of men value the benefits of skin care products and many seek spa services. Demographics support that men’s use of products and more frequent bookings of spa visits represent significant business growth opportunities ...

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By Krista McKowen, L.E., director of media education for BiON Research | June 9, 2015
Beauty comes from wellness. Wellness can be found through nature and a holistic approach to skin and body care. And the sourcing of this approach to beauty lies in ingredients found in plants, known as phytotherapy. The term phytotherapy was coined by a French physician by the name of Henry Leclerc. ...

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By | January 28, 2015
An English proverb proclaims that the eyes are the window of the soul. Clearly, the eye area is a focal point for human interaction. The aesthetic appeal of the eyes is directly related to the skin surrounding them as demonstrated by the wide variety of eye cosmetics marketed today. Optimized care ...

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By | June 9, 2015
We all have those nights when we are just too bone-tired to take off our makeup. But when it gets to be a habit, that is when trouble can start. Let us begin by looking at multiple studies done by people who have purposely not removed their makeup for one full month to see what would happen. The ...

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By | January 26, 2015
L’Oreal USA announces the appointment of Marc Toulemonde as president of the active cosmetics division. In this role, he will continue to grow the success of the SkinCeuticals, La Roche-Posay, Dermablend, and Vichy brands in the United States. Toulemonde brings a wealth of expertise to the role from ...

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By Amra | November 28, 2014
There is no greater experience for a woman than that of being pregnant and carrying another life inside of her. Approximately 40 weeks of her life will change dramatically. Certain foods and drinks she used to partake of will change; some of her skin care regimen will be altered and her activities may ...

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By Allyson Harold, lead makeup artist and color trend specialist at Mineralogie | January 26, 2015
Spring is approaching quickly and this year’s colors and techniques boast the most fun yet! Emerge from hibernation to become inspired by nature and all the colors it has to offer. Vivid color can be especially intimidating after a season of dark and vampy shades. This spring, take a fearless and original ...

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By | November 28, 2014
Many aestheticians recall a time when the options available for improving the appearance of their client’s skin were relatively few as compared to the wide variety of effective products and technologies that exist today. As is the case with most industries, technological advancements have created a wide ...

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By | July 6, 2015
In the realm of male skin care, simplicity is the key to education, lifestyle integration, results, and ongoing dedication. By nature, males are focused and minimalistic in their approach to obtaining and maintaining their skin health. Therefore, multifunctional skin care products, such as an anti-aging ...

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By Linda Gulla | October 30, 2014
When working with teenage skin, there are various factors to consider. The biggest concern with teenagers is acne. With the approach of puberty, most teenagers become self-conscience of their appearance, and the onset of acne comes with changing hormone levels. As a skin care professional, you should ...

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By Dasha Saian | October 24, 2014
As skin care professionals, we all know what a dramatic difference using an amazing serum can make. It can take years off a client’s appearance, reduce fatigue, tighten pores, minimize rosacea, soothe dryness, reduce hyperpigmentation, and diminish wrinkles. Understanding SerumsAs defined in the ...

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By | October 30, 2014
Determination. Willpower. Focus. Drive. Commitment. These are all terms that describe one’s devotion to achieving certain tasks or goals, no matter how lofty they may seem. These can be goals for improving one’s skin, diet, or overall appearance – or a business or personal goal like buying a house or ...

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By | October 23, 2014
DMK®, internationally renowned skin revision treatments and product line, appointed Patty Schmucker as their first CEO. Being the former CEO and president of Performance Branding Services (PBS) and founder of DoshaCare, Ayurvedic Skincare, leads Schmucker to being well-versed in the world of skin. She ...

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