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Thursday, 30 October 2014 14:56

Three Practical Steps to Continuing Education

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“Do not let schooling interfere with your education,” said Mark Twain. As spa professionals, we often graduate aesthetics school with intimate knowledge on how to carry out various treatments, including some that even clients have never heard of and think that we have come of age because our formal schooling has ended.

Aestheticians have never been so misguided in thinking that once they have their certificate completed with their hours (countries may vary), their quest for knowledge is over.

In fact, be it self-employed or even in the job market, the more wisdom and knowledge you have about how the industry works, combined with tactful hustle and gainful grit, the further you will go than what your initial vision would have imagined for you. There are three very practical steps that you can take in order to continue your education and stay ahead of the curve:
Firstly, always read educational material on the industry. It always takes me by surprise how many spa professionals do not read, not just about spas in general and the latest trend, but about business, finance, and self-development. To ensure being a well-rounded human being, it is imperative that we arm ourselves with knowledge that we cannot easily access physically, but through reading it. Books are timeless for knowledge and are a lifelong educative process of knowing more than what is required of you.
Secondly, attend seminars and tradeshows. Most aestheticians simply visit seminars and tradeshows to pick up discounted items and supplies for their spas or for themselves and yet, completely miss the point of so many amazing speakers and free mini-workshops that would be able to get them ahead by networking with influential spa professionals that can help them advance their career.
Lastly, hire a coach or consultant. This is for only the most committed and serious of spa professionals. This type of professional will help you grow leaps and bounds at a much faster and more linear rate than doing it by yourself. They have the knowledge and expertise to get you to your destination faster by preparing you for that much-coveted role as you move up the career ladder or motivating and inspiring you to take the plunge in opening that spa that you have always dreamed about.
Following these simple three steps above, in the drive to getting a continuous education, will pay dividends when it comes to keeping yourself a valuable asset, not only to the company that you choose to work for, but in your own personal development of being a more enlightened and enriched person.

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