The Healing Properties of a Eucalyptus Oil Bath - January 2011


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Tuesday, 04 January 2011 15:25

The Healing Properties of a Eucalyptus Oil Bath - January 2011

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The Healing Properties of a Eucalyptus Oil Bath
by Dr. Reinhard R. Bergel

Eucalyptus oil has many healing properties and there are many benefits of a eucalyptus oil bath. It can provide soothing relief from common ailments or it can simply make you feel clean and invigorated.
The benefits of eucalyptus oil baths come from the healing properties of the essential oil. Eucalyptus essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree. For its ability to reduce fevers, the tree, and the healing oil made from the leaves, are sometimes referred to as the "fever tree" and "fever oil."
Eucalyptus oil has a distinctly clean, fresh, menthol aroma, which is refreshing and fragrant at the same time. Its healing properties are due to its unique, natural blend of volatile oils, including eucalyptol, pinene, and camphene. Eucalyptus essential oil is made up of as much as eighty percent eucalyptol, also known as cineole. It carries an array of beneficial properties:
• analgesic • expectorant
• anti-inflammatory • decongestant
• antiseptic • fever reducer
• antibacterial • disinfectant
• antispasmodic • stimulating

A eucalyptus oil bath is ideal for a number of common pain related ailments. Chronic issues such as rheumatism and back pain, as well as minor sports injuries and fatigued muscles all benefit from a twenty minute therapeutic bath. Eucalyptus essential oil helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, the central cause of pain from arthritis and joint problems as well as injuries. As an analgesic, it has a mild pain-reducing effect. Eucalyptus oil also has antispasmodic properties, helping to quell muscle aches, pulled muscles, and cramping.
A eucalyptus oil bath is also an effective and safe natural treatment for common respiratory ailments. Simply relaxing in a soothing bath made from eucalyptus essential oil will help to clear congestion, cool fevers, and protect the body from harmful microbes.
Eucalyptus acts as both a decongestant and an expectorant, encouraging the release of mucous from the respiratory system and helping to clear sinuses. Eucalyptus essential oil or the primary active ingredient, cineole, are in fact often used as ingredients in chest rubs and natural cold medicines. Cineole has been found to both reduce inflammation and mucous production in people dealing with serious asthma.

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