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The Bikini Diaries

Written by   Kaitlin A. Walker

Fashion and beauty are some of the more common ways to express yourself. Without words or actions, you can explain yourself using colors, styles and patterns. Another common form of self-expression is in the form of body art… piercings, tattoos, makeup and hair styles. But why should it stop there? Hair styles and fads continue to change. I am not just talking about the hair on your head; what about the hair down there? Personalizing pubic hair has become the thing to do. At this time you can do everything, if not more than you can do with the hair on your head. From waxing to laser and hair style to color, the bikini area is becoming a work of art and a statement of your style.

bikini-shapesThe rising style for women’s bikini hair continues to be completely bare. This style is common for all ages; young adult to mature women prefer to be completely bare “down there.” But how long will this last? Ancient Egyptians believed that it was classy to have a smooth and hair-free body. In The Victorian Era, it became strictly enforced that women were not free to remove any hair. In the roaring 20s baring the skin was in! With the increase in showing skin came a decrease in hair. In the 50s and 60s, at the height of feminism, women made hair removal more of a choice and act of freedom to do as they wish. Both full grown and hairless bodies could be found. Into the 80s and 20th century the fads continue to fluctuate, still based more on preference. It seems through the years that as our clothing has become smaller so has our hair underneath it. When polled, most women said they removed the hair for a bathing suit; the feeling of being more attractive came in second, followed closely by the reason of cleanliness.
From bush to bare, pubic hair styles can be equally as expressive as the hair on your head. Throughout the years styles for pubic hair have changed – as well as the methods of removing it. The concept of hair removal has far exceeded what anyone thought was possible. From what history shows us, hair removal methods have been around a lot longer than one would think. It is funny, when most people think of evolution they automatically picture a hairy caveman. However, hair removal has been around since the Stone Age, approximately 10,000 B.C., where ancient paintings show cavemen using two seashells as tweezers. As far back as 30,000 B.C., flint (a hard form of mineral quartz with sharp edges) was used as a shaving device. Since then, we have come a long way with technology. One example of this technology is the laser hair removal systems that have been developed to permanently reduce the amount of hair that grows. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, laser hair removal is the third most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure performed in the United States. According to, there were 1,280,031 procedures performed in 2009. Even though we have come a long way from the Stone Age, we still have a long way to go in modern times. There are constantly new devices being developed that are more effective and easier to use than what was available as recent as a couple of years ago.
We have the freedom to create a whole new shape for our hair down there or choose from the common shapes, some of which are: a triangle, rectangle, pyramid, heart, and even as extreme as a lightning bolt. Of course, the bold, bare style is a top-choice as well. But why stop at hair design? Have you ever heard of a vajacial? Yes, that is a facial for the pubic area! Why would someone ever want such a thing? A treatment for the skin in this ever sensitive area is a very sought after experience for some. Those who are prone to ingrown hairs, scarring and uneven pigment in the area can be so troubled by the problems they would do anything for a clean smooth bikini line, no matter what the treatment entails. Vajacial treatment offerings can include extraction of ingrown hairs and a purifying treatment to help ward off future ingrown hairs, chemical exfoliation to help with follicular buildup and uneven pigment, and laser treatments for scarring and tightening loose skin. Once the area is in model condition, the next step is to vamp it up! There are now hair colors specifically formulated for your private parts. You can have nearly every color of the rainbow and even rhinestones to accent the playful private place. For your next evening out, after you have envisioned your outfit and booked your nail appointment, do not forget to prepare down there!



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