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Scope This Spa Highlights Image 3 March 2018As trends predicted, clients are seeking facilities offering a combination of medical, wellness, and aesthetic services to fully address overall well-being. Meeting those demands is the biostation, which currently operates two locations in Delray Beach and Miami, Florida and plans to grow at a quick pace.


Offering a comprehensive, individualized, holistic approach to total wellness and age management, the biostation is redefining healthcare. The focus of customized medicine is to reach patients earlier in the aging process in hopes of preventing, rather than treating, age-related issues. Co-founder and Medical Director of the biostation, Martin G. Bloom, M.D. – a cardiologist and functional medicine expert with over 40 years of experience – oversees both the biostation locations.


“At the biostation, we are dedicated to helping patients identify the root cause of symptoms in order to restore the body to its peak performance, alleviate symptoms, and, ultimately, reverse the effects of aging,” Dr. Bloom said.Scope This Spa Highlights Image 2 March 2018


Similar to a medical spa, clients of the biostation can find a broad variety of advanced medical aesthetic solutions, such as dermal fillers, botox, and thermal energy treatments for the face and body. Professionals at the biostation specialize in female sexual health, vaginal health, and incontinence improvement. Beyond this, the core of the business rests within the categories of anti-aging and intravenous nutrient therapies. The Miami location has partnered with Dr. Julio Gallo, a board certified plastic surgeon, to expand clients’ options for optimizing their appearance.


the biostation offers bioidentical hormone replacement, pharmaceutical-grade supplementation therapy, nutrient intravenous therapies and injections, platelet-rich plasma treatments, erectile dysfunction correction, female sexual health improvement, and medical weight loss to address a wide range of client concerns. What truly sets the biostation apart is its focus on treatments designed to meet specific, individual medical concerns patients experience. From lowered libido and energy, to weight gain and stomach issues, the biostation is staffed by a full Scope This Spa Highlights Image 4 March 2018team of medical professionals equipped to help patients feel their best.


With its two state-of-the-art medical facilities, advanced diagnostic testing, and world-class medical team, the biostation is paving a new path in the wellness industry, providing patients an opportunity to experience wellness in a new and powerful way.

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