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Skin Care MYTHS: You should never wax above the eyebrows.

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Facts: True and false – If your treatment of choice for removing hair above the eyebrows has any chance of breaking the hair, instead of fully extracting it intact, I recommend that you do not perform the treatment because it will give the hair a thicker appearance. 

Personally, I know that a good sugaring technique will prevent hair breakage and quickly refine and eliminate that upper eyebrow hair growth. I choose this over conventional waxing when treatment is required.

Always inspect and consider the following before you treat above the eyebrows:

  • Is it really eyebrow hair or vellus hair?

  • How is the rest of the eyebrow shaped? Are both sides similar in shape, or will you need to remove some of the upper eyebrow hair to better shape the eyebrows into similarity?

  • Is there a lot of vellus hair on the forehead that meets above eyebrow area?

Knowing how to define these answers will help you to best define the eyebrows.

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