Skin Care MYTHS: Facial toners are not a necessity.
Thursday, 03 September 2015 09:33

Skin Care MYTHS: Facial toners are not a necessity.

Written by   Erica Suppa, L.E., B.S., C.O.E., owner of Fresh Faced Skin Care

STATEMENT: Facial toners are not a necessity.


Facts: Toners have three functions: finish the cleansing process, exfoliate the pores, and reset the skin’s pH. After cleansing the skin, toner ensure that leftover cleanser has been removed, in addition to any remaining makeup, dirt, or oil. Furthermore, it helps exfoliate by keeping pores clean and free of dead skin cell buildup.
Renewing the pH is possibly the most important role that a toner plays. While the skin has an acidic pH of about 5.5, cleansers are typically alkaline. They have a pH much higher than the skin. After cleansing the face with something alkaline, the skin is now fighting to achieve its normal acidic pH in order to function properly. Using a toner after cleansing allows the skin to achieve its normal pH much faster and any skin care products applied after the toner will be able to function as intended.

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