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Tuesday, 16 June 2015 15:51

Skin Care MYTHS: Chocolate makes you break out.

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STATEMENT: Chocolate makes you break out.

Facts: Cacao beans, which is what chocolate is made from, “contain several nutrients that are important for overall health, such as magnesium, vitamin C, iron, antioxidant flavanoids, omega fatty acids, and many more.” These properties combat free radicals, strengthen immunity, and help reduce inflammation.

Most chocolate on store shelves, however, has been processed with sugar, dairy, soy, and other ingredients. Sugar and dairy are two known triggers of acne breakouts, rosacea flare-ups, and other inflammatory skin conditions. Soy may lead to a rise in estrogen levels, which can also lead to breakouts.

The bottom line: It is not the actual chocolate that causes breakouts, it is the ingredients that have been added to the cacao to make the end product. Choose organic, dark chocolate with 70 percent cacao or higher with as few other ingredients on the label as possible.

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