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Simplicity: The Key to Unlocking Male Skin Health

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In the realm of male skin care, simplicity is the key to education, lifestyle integration, results, and ongoing dedication. By nature, males are focused and minimalistic in their approach to obtaining and maintaining their skin health.

Therefore, multifunctional skin care products, such as an anti-aging moisturizer that can even be applied directly to the eyelids are smart choices for men because they eliminate additional steps, as well as the purchase of a secondary product. Other results-driven skin care formulas, such as a multipurpose cleanser, invigorate and exfoliate the skin with peppermint and alpha hydroxy acids. They also polish the skin’s texture, support a closer shave, and reduce ingrown hairs. 

When coaching male clients on caring for their skin, a simple, two-to-three step regimen, focused on purifying, exfoliating, and protecting the skin, is an optimal treatment path for improving male skin health. It is also important to refrain from complicating the regimen with a morning and nighttime application. For example, a man may prefer to apply skin care products in the afternoon or after his daily exercise regimen rather than at night. This habit is absolutely acceptable and may accommodate his lifestyle more easily. Therefore, clients should make the practice of applying skin care products a daily habit – healthy habits are the key to obtaining and maintaining healthy, handsome appearances.

Here is an example of a simple skin care regimen for your male clients:

  • Step 1 – Cleanse with a purifying and exfoliating sulfate-free cleanser.
  • Step 2 – Hydrate and protect the skin with a multifunctional, daily antioxidant moisturizer that can be applied twice daily to the face, neck, and eyes, eliminating the need for a separate eye cream.
  • Step 3 – Protect the skin with a mattefying, broad-spectrum solar shield containing zinc oxide for ultimate sun protection.
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