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Sandal Ready By Memorial Day

Written by   Dana Canuso, podiatric surgeon and founder of Dr. Canuso Skincare

Nothing ruins the look of a new bathing suit more than cracked, dry heels. After a winter in snow boots, riding boots, and thick socks, it is no surprise that clients feel their feet need some extra love.

Just like the body, it takes a few months to get the feet in shape. Now is the perfect time to start clients on a foot care routine that will ensure pedicure-ready toes by Memorial Day.

Fungal Possibilities
Most clients have dry skin on their feet or even cracked heels. Unbeknownst to many clients, and even skin care professionals, dry skin may actually be the beginning stages of a fungus. That little band of dry skin that appears to get better with a pedicure, but then comes back after a few days, could be the start of fungus. This proposal may explain why moisturizers and heel creams make the feet look better for a little while, but never truly solves the problem long-term. Those types of products are only covering up the skin; they are not treating the actual cause of the problem.

Antifungal Solutions
Once the professional is able to determine that a fungus is the cause of the problem, what can they do to fix it? Fungus likes to live in dark, wet places. As a result, clients should not sleep with socks over lotion-doused feet. This common practice creates a haven for fungus to grow. Instead, professionals should recommend that clients use an antifungal product to treat their feet while sleeping.
Many clients may ask about using a foot file or pumice stone on their feet. However, professionals should make clients aware that fungus loves damaged skin; one of the worst things they can do is over-file their feet. A little exfoliation is nice, but a rough file can create microscopic tears in the skin and give the fungus a nice place to take root.

Furthermore, clients should let their shoes and socks take a break. If a pair is worn today, they should not be worn tomorrow; let them breathe! Contrary to popular belief, cotton socks are not that good for the feet because they can hold up to three times more moisture than the newer sweat-wicking socks. Sticking a wet cotton sock into a dark shoe gives fungi an ideal environment to live and grow.

Clients should also use bleach when it is time for them to clean their shower. It is cheap and it kills fungus where it is most likely to spread.
Advise clients to follow these tips and they will soon be sandal ready!

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