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Reflexology Everything Old is New Again


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Wednesday, 28 January 2015 13:23

Reflexology Everything Old is New Again

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In the last 40 years, much has been written about reflexology, but so much more is misunderstood. It stands as one of the oldest forms of diagnostic techniques for the wellness and overall balance of the human body. For over 6,000 years, it was the key tool a holistic practitioner could use to aid their client’s health and well-being.

Long before there was electricity, household running water, or current forms of sanitation, reflexology stood as a method to aid the sick.

Main1Today, in the beauty and spa industry, well-meaning practitioners attempt to utilize reflexology to help their clients and increase their profit center. Ironically, in ancient times it was not a business transaction; it was a duty to try to help their fellow man. That was then – in 2014, reflexology has taken a different course. In most states, it does not require a license to perform the technique. Massage therapists, aestheticians, and hair stylists can all choose to offer such services in their own businesses. Reflexology studies come in a variety of forms. There are one-day lectures, one-week courses offered by various training institutions, and self-taught books and DVDs that can be purchased to study. 
Reflexology covers the body from head to toe. However, the three areas of implication are the ears, hands, and feet. Most reflexology programs suggest that the feet are the most reflective, followed by the hands, and lastly, the ears. It divides the body into two sides, following the same meridian points as acupressure and acupuncture. Seldom clarified is that there is a nucleus center-point within every single meridian point. The more accurate the interaction with the actual nucleus, the greater the effect during the reflexology session.
Each session has two parts: exploration and implementation. The more accurate the professional is in the exploration phase, the more successful their results will be during the implementation session. Multiple sessions are usually required if the client expects a decent, noticeable result. Therefore, clients should know in advance that they will be booking multiple appointments; it is advisable to set up the appointments in succession. Many professionals prefer that first-time reflexology clients come no less than three times in one week, ideally one day apart for each treatment.
For clients with chronic conditions that need repetitive treatment: the above protocol should be followed the first week, twice a week for the next month, and once a month thereafter. Clients struggling with side effects of over-the-counter medicines will appreciate that there will not be the same issues for reflexology to aide them in their quest for wellness and body balance.

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