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Many clients do not pay attention to in-depth instructions provided by companies for product application. As they apply products in a way that feels natural to them, they are missing out on a quick and easy opportunity to ensure that they make the most of the products they purchase.

As a skin care professional, it is important to stress to clients that how they apply products is just as important as the products they are using. Application, massage, and direction of massage enhances the results of the products they love.
Vichy, a skin care company, conducted a consumer test on 30 women in the age range of 30 to 60 in order gauge the effectiveness of a facial massage when applying products. This 2009 study found a 59 percent increase in skin firmness, a 17 percent decrease in facial shine, and a 39 percent decrease in wrinkle visibility.1 These facial massages proved to be vital to product results because they influence the flow of blood and lymphatic and interstitial fluids, which increases drainage of toxins and revitalizes the muscles and skin. The effectiveness of the products is greatly increased by the act of the massage, creating better results than when the product itself is applied normally.
When instructing clients on how to perform an effective facial massage, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of using smooth, soft movements. Kim Laudati, master aesthetician and laser specialist, told Daily Makeover, “Elastin fibers are like rubber bands. Stretch them back and forth too often or too quickly and they will wear out.” Rhythmic and light strokes should be used in order to drain lymphatics, which will reduce puffiness under the eye. For exfoliation, clients should use a small, circular motion; regular and circular strokes should be utilized when applying serums and moisturizers in order to help the product spread evenly and penetrate the dermis.

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