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Permanent Makeup in the Spa

Written by   Irene Kennerley, artistic director of SofTap Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent makeup can be a great service to add to your spa menu. Whether you hire a professional or train to do this yourself, you can add a substantial amount of income to your business by incorporating this service.

Permanent cosmetic price tags depend on the area, demand, and artist skill/experience. Generally, clients can expect to pay anywhere from $250 or more for eyeliner, eyebrow or lip tattoos. Touchups can cost between $75 and $150 per procedure. Most clients are long-term and will visit the spa for additional services as well. Permanent makeup costs are minimal compared to how much you can earn from providing the service. You may have to purchase pigments, licenses, and other supplies; but, your clients are mostly paying for quality work and a relaxing experience. Your cost per procedure varies but is generally in the $30 range (license, pigment, needles, power, rent, anesthetic, and so on), which you are making anywhere from $75 to $500 or more per appointment.

There is no doubt that this is excellent income once you are established; however, getting started in permanent makeup can be expensive. The cost for permanent makeup classes range anywhere from $2000 to $5000 depending on the area. Many times in order to get your license and local regulations may force you to have a separate room, a separate sink, or other requirements. You will want to consider the costs of these additions to your property if they are required. Call your local health department to see what is required in your area, and read the laws regarding permanent makeup in your state.
If you do not have a lot of money to invest in training and startup costs for yourself or a skilled staff member, having an experienced professional come in as needed is a great option. You can hire a professional to rent a chair and purchase their own supplies or come to an arrangement about splitting profits and expenses. The benefit of this is that you do not have to pay for the professional’s training costs and, generally, professionals will already have a portfolio which is the best advertisement for permanent makeup you can have. The space costs for adding permanent makeup to your menu is minimal in that it only requires 100 square feet and can be started with as little as four to five hours per week for use of that space. Most businesses have extra space that is not being utilized and can be put to better use. You can use this space to add up to $1000 per week of additional income.
Any which way you decide to do it; permanent cosmetics can be a fantastic addition to your spa – as a service, an income, and a draw to other services. With a talented artist and a great portfolio, you can increase your profits substantially. When thinking about profits and ways to boost your business, remember that success comes with passion and conscientiousness through your work. Choose a talented, dedicated artist with these qualities, and success will follow.

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