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Tuesday, 20 September 2016 08:31

October is National Emotional Wellness Month

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While the health of the skin is of the utmost importance to skin care professionals, most clients find their way into the spa because of the emotions they feel about their skin. For example, young clients with acne may feel depressed, anxious, or embarrassed about the condition of their skin, leading them to seek help. With the emotional state of clients in mind, professionals should remember that emotions are, without a doubt, tied to the spa.

Michelle D'Allaird-Brenner says, "Aestheticians must understand that they do not treat skin conditions. Skin conditions are treated by those with an M.D. after their name. It is the skin care professional's job to enhance the health of the skin with products and services. In order to do this, what they do in the treatment room is all about the customer and their emotions."

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