March is National Celery Month!

Celery is often considered one of the healthiest foods because it reduces inflammation and LDL cholesterol, aids digestion, and lowers blood pressure. Its potent antioxidants and nutrients give this vegetable numerous skin benefits, including hydration and protection against free radicals. Skin care professionals can offer clients celery-infused water or freshly cut celery stalks during a spa event.

Julie Bach says, "Celery is more than fiber or a crunchy vegetable at a holiday party; it is highly praised for its anti-inflammatory health benefits, including protecting the digestive track. Celery supports (a) healthy immune system, respiratory system, thyroid, and pituitary glands and is great for the liver. Celery should be eaten on a regular basis."

Krishan, S. (n.d.). 11 Super Health Benefits in Just One Celery Stick.

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