Making Up Women with Mature Skin

Written by Noreen Young, L.E., owner of Noreen Young Cosmetics

When applying makeup on mature skin, the key is to remember that all clients want to have fun, not just the younger ones. Therefore, do not close the door to makeup sales that can be made from older clients and stock the spa with the right products for mature skin.

Facial Coverage
Mature clients should be using foundations that are creamier and provide more coverage. For those clients that prefer a natural and soft look, lightweight foundations and tinted moisturizers are great options.
Clients can also accent their skin with a champagne glow, which is the universal highlighter. Furthermore, powder is incredibly useful, especially when the product incorporates rice powder and/or a soft focus high definition powder. Powder also helps to set the makeup, soften the blush, and tone down the look if too much eye shadow was applied.

Clients with tired-looking and/or maturing eyes should use a concealer that is a salmon or honey yellow. They can also spruce up their eyes by applying a tinted eyebrow gel, which may be easier to apply than an eyebrow pencil to some. Eyebrow gels are great for sparse or graying eyebrows. Professionals should be sure to carry a universal or nice range of colors. Clear eyebrow gel and clear mascara are another great option for grooming the eyebrows into place or for clients who cannot use mascara but still want definition.
Brighten up the client’s eyes with a matte honey or nude shade with a bit of depth. These particular shades will help to provide an eye-opening look. When it comes to choosing a mascara, clients typically love products that tube the eyelashes with color. These products do not run or smear and are easy to remove with warm water and a washcloth. Use colors like navy, teal, and deep purple or dark brown. These shades open up the eyes and make the whites of the eyes look clear and bright. Remember that black mascara is not a great choice for every client. Mature clients should avoid waterproof mascara because it is harder for clients to remove and can pull out eyelashes.

When choosing lipstick, go for the light or medium shades instead of the darker shades. Older lips get thinner; the darker the lipstick applied, the smaller the lips will appear. Professionals can also add a dash of lip gloss to the center of the lips, over a lipstick, for a more youthful sheen. Lipstains are also a good go-to product, especially ones that stain the lips with a rosy glow. Some clients like the simple ease of using just one color and one product.

Finishing Touches
Set the client’s makeup with a rosewater spray or another similar product. These products will facilitate longer-lasting makeup.
When dealing with clients of a certain age, do not talk down to them; do not tell them they have significant sun damage, number 11 lines, or marionette lines. These clients know that they have wrinkles. Instead, make them feel comfortable, share beauty secrets with them, and show them a new and exciting way to look at themselves. Tell them what is pretty about their face; a sincere compliment and a smile can really open doors and create a loyal client.

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