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June is Beautiful in Your Skin Month!

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From frustration and depression to confidence and joy, the range of emotions that are felt by clients in regard to their skin is wide-ranging and diverse. While skin care professionals know that there is a lot that contributes to having healthy and stunning skin (such as regular facials and a consistent, tailored homecare regimen), feeling beautiful in your skin is more of a reflection of the mind than the mirror. This month, remind clients of the true meaning of skin care: forming lifelong, self-care habits that will give rise to healthy skin. Although having clear skin might contribute to someone feeling attractive, truly being beautiful in your skin comes from a confidence that can only be found within.

Michelle D'Allaird-Brenner says, "We have long heard of the impact and power of positive thinking. The premise is that when you think positive thoughts, you behave in positive ways and positive energy comes back to you. The interesting thing is that the majority of people spend more time and energy debating this premise, arguing its validity and doubting its truth, than simply practicing it. Why is it human nature that we focus on the negative and the unlikely than the positive and the possible?"

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