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Infographic: Poikiloderma

Written by   Christa Murray, laser hair removal professional and laser safety officer

• Poikiloderma is most commonly seen on the neck.
• The most common identifiers are redness and pigmentary changes in the skin.
• Poikiloderma presents when telangiectasia on the neck or chest is combined with hyperpigmentation on the neck or chest and the skin has a mottled look.

• Long-term sun exposure, photosensitive skin sprays and products, and hormonal changes can cause poikiloderma.
• While it is most common in women, men can also have poikiloderma. Clients with fair skin tones are also more likely to have poikiloderma.
• Poikiloderma can be treated with IPL, laser, skin lighteners, and skin exfoliants.
• In order to prevent poikiloderma, a client should wear SPF and reapply sunscreen often, avoid prolonged sun exposure, avoid spraying perfume on their skin, and avoid sun and photosensitive chemicals.


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