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Wednesday, 28 December 2016 10:23

Incorporating Self Care Into Spas

Written by   Shel Pink, SpaRitual and Slow Beauty® Founder

Slow Beauty® is a way of life; it is a recognition that an enduring, inner beauty offers people an opportunity to slow down and remember their own essence. The guiding principle of this philosophy is sustainable self-care. It is key to develop a series of self-care rituals that promote beauty from the inside out.

Many of the practices for the philosophy include things like daily meditation; weekly hikes; yoga; and beauty care rituals, such as daily sugar scrubs and self-massage using body oils. It also includes spa treatments. These rituals help to keep the participant grounded.

Although the world can seem fast-paced, clients do not have to be caught up in the frenzy. Instead of being pushed along or pulled under, they can pause to identify what they value most and set up touch points to help them align with those values.

Spa traditions are assets to promoting health, reducing stress, and strengthening the constitution. Professionals should promote the health benefits of regular spa visits and stress that going to a spa is not about being pampered; it is about being part of a long-standing tradition of self-care with real benefits to support a healthy lifestyle.

This philosophy's practices can become part of a spa's services to specifically help clients slow down and connect with their inner self. Incorporating mediation and breathing exercises into services can offer added renewal. Another component of the movement is the concept of women's gatherings. Spas have an opportunity to bring their clients together to connect with each other on a deeper level through seasonal or new moon gatherings. Similar in concept to a book club, the events should go a step further to include an opportunity for attendees to share their intentions and form deep connections with other women. The experience will affect everyone differently, but, ultimately, they should all leave feeling the benefits of an engaging and rewarding experience with a greater understanding of themselves and each other.

These practices are only a few examples of rituals that can be included in the spa. The rituals professionals choose should make them feel good, allowing them to feel loved and supported in order to spread that love and support to those around them.

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