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Get Green and Gorgeous

get_greenIntercon Solutions is partnering with PrettyCity.com this month to encourage spas and salons to properly recycle electronic waste, bulbs, and packaging during the annual “Green and Gorgeous” eco-friendly beauty and wellness campaign.

The average spa creates thousands of pounds of waste annually; waste such as plastic bottles, cardboard, paper, and packaging. In addition, even sustainable spas may be unwittingly contributing to land filling by not properly recycling their out-of-date electronics.

Intercon Solutions properly recycles – never land filling – products ranging from bulbs to obsolete computers. Out of use spa equipment can also be recycled by Intercon Solutions, an R2/RIOS and NAID AAA certified recycler.

For more information and tips about how spas and salons can “green” their recycling program, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To learn more about PrettyCity’s Green and Gorgeous Campaign visit www.prettycity.com/green


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