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Tuesday, 18 October 2016 14:10

Exploring Korean Beauty

Written by   Noreen Young, L.E., owner of Noreen Young Cosmetics

The beautiful skin of Asian women has always intrigued women and men around the world. Their almond eyes, flawless skin, and rosy pouts create a look that is reminiscent of porcelain dolls.

Korea is known for its advancements in skin care. There are numerous beauty trends that are entering the United States market from Korea and really taking off. The Korean beauty trend started with the BB and CC creams, but now it is all about the essence.

Skin care professionals should be keeping up with the trends because some of their clients have probably already thought about the latest Korean beauty trends, if they have not asked about it already. In addition, if professionals are not carrying some of the Korean beauty products, their clients are probably shopping for it at other places.

Korean beauty is on fire and started in South Korea years ago. With new formulas and technology, old world beauty traditions are new again.

Complexion Perfection
A Korean woman's skin care routine typically consists of 10 steps. For example, they cleanse twice a day and use the double cleanse method. They are also known for their infamous sheet masks. One of the most popular sheet masks is called Pig Nose and it is used directly on the nose area. The mask and its ingredients are meant to address pores and blackheads. Korean women want clear, smooth skin that is free from brown spots of any kind. As a result, some of the masks are made with crushed pearls and other emollients to brighten and lighten dark areas. From whimsical packaging to the names of the face masks, Korean beauty is very trendy.

Face creams, alongside hydrogel masks, which are made of a thin gel versus the traditional cotton sheet masks, are also part of their daily routine. These masks offer super hydration and adeptly penetrate the skin. They also make slimming body masks for cellulite, eye masks with collagen and green tea, hydrating lip masks, hair masks with honey, and fingernail masks for healthier-looking cuticles and nail beds. They even have a mask for post-sunbathing. One of the lip masks is filled with shea butter and cranberry extract to keep lips soft and kissable and to help with lines around the lips. Clients love it, especially those who smoke or sunbathe and are unhappy with the lines around their lips.

Diet is also a very important part of their skin health and most Korean women shop for fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, and/or seafood on a daily basis.

Makeup Routine
When it comes to makeup, Korean woman love the look of glowing, healthy skin. In addition, they like the airbrushed makeup look. They achieve this look by first applying their foundation and concealer. Next, they apply copious amounts of face powder or baby powder. They pour room temperature water in a wide-mouthed bowl and they place their face into the bowl for 25 to 30 seconds. They believe that this last step sets the makeup and gives them a flawless, airbrushed look.

It is an exciting time to be in the world of beauty. Journey and explore beyond what is familiar and discover what can be added to the spa's facials, website, and retail department. Quench the client's thirst for something exotic and exciting in the world of beauty. Browse, shop online, and see what can be found. On the other hand, professionals can have even more fun and receive inspiration if they explore and visit their nearest Korea Town.

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