Enhancing Detoxification and Relaxation with Herbal Formulas
Tuesday, 21 June 2016 11:53

Enhancing Detoxification and Relaxation with Herbal Formulas

Written by   Robert Sawinski, CEO of Jadience Herbal Formulas

The modern lifestyle has exposed humans to stress and toxins that accumulate over time. The skin provides a window into the internal effects of everyday toxins. Fortunately, herbs can improve the body through their relaxing and detoxifying effects.

In this instance, advanced herbal formulas rooted in traditional oriental medicine are especially important because they have the power to detoxify the body and skin while helping to relax overtaxed muscles and internal organs. Advanced herbal formulas typically consist of a number of adaptogenic herbs as combining different ingredients enhances the individual properties of each herb.

Ginseng is a key adaptogen and one of the top components of many natural, healing formulas. By itself, this ingredient is especially valuable for reducing inflammation and boosting the production of new cells. These effects underlie its ability to help reduce stress. Ginseng also boosts blood flow in the tiny vessels in the skin, which promotes the delivery of key factors from other herbal ingredients for detoxing. These benefits contribute to it working well in combination with other well-known detoxifying herbs such as burdock root, licorice, dandelion root, and inula.

Herbal formulas for muscle and joint support also depend on ginseng as a key ingredient. It acts in concert with clematidis, achyranthis, pueriae, and several other herbs to prevent deterioration and damage and strengthening areas of weakness and discomfort. Combinations of these and other herbs for muscle and joint health have been known for centuries for their ability to improve circulation, remove toxins, and reduce bruising. In modern times, world-class athletes and martial artists have come to rely on them for healing and post-workout recovery from sore and tight muscles.

Herbal formulas can also be used for foot products because of their ability to fast-track detoxifying effects by deeply penetrating the well-known acupressure points of the feet.
Internal and external formulas for creams, sprays, and baths are examples of traditional formulations. In addition to these products, modern technology provides the means to formulate herbal infusions into skin patches, which are often seen in the form of pain relief patches.pic1

When it comes to detoxing, relaxing, and supporting muscle and joint health, the advanced herbal formulations of traditional oriental medicine remain unsurpassed. Internal infusions and external creams are just the beginning for a complete approach as bath products and foot sprays complement them for a more complete experience. Patches for detoxing and for muscle and joint support add yet another level of convenience and effectiveness. For this reason, implementing healing modalities as enhancements to the relaxation techniques that are already offered has become a trend in the spa industry. The offered services of massage and facials are now coupled with an understanding of advanced herbs to bring a new level of natural stress relief and detoxing to today's spas and resorts.

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