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Clarifying Eco-friendly Gifts

Written by Rebecca Hettig, president of Spa Impressions

Oftentimes, spas ask for eco-friendly products while planning a promotional campaign. But what does environmentally-friendly really mean? For example, are these spas satisfied that a promotional product is recyclable – the materials from the item can be reused?

Or can the promotional product simply have a certain amount of recycled content – a percentage of pre- or post-consumer recovered material – in its makeup?

When planning an eco-friendly promotion, consider not only the promotional product but how it will be imprinted, packaged, and distributed. Are environmentally-friendly inks required? What kind of paper will be used in the direct-mail piece that accompanies the product? Can the piece be distributed in bulk or delivered by hand to reduce the use of transportation?

What about ink for organic tees? Eco-concerned apparel buyers will likely wish to avoid plastisol inks, which use phthalates (basically liquid plasticizers) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), when imprinting their organic apparel. Water-based inks are the safest choice for those seeking a ‘green’ screen-printing option because there are no phthalates or polyvinyl chloride in them, nor are there metals, mercury or lead. The final imprint produced has a very soft hand and appeals to the senses, giving an impression of ‘green’ to back up its actual attributes.

Spas can offer organic and recycled promotional gifts like cosmetic bags, shopping bag totes, apparel, towels, flip flops, candles, bath salts, water bottles, mugs, plantable seed paper/pots, journals, or pens.


Five Earth-Friendly Options

  1. Degradable corn plastic can be used for everything, from pens to mugs.

  2. Solar-powered technology fuels earth-friendly flashlights, calculators, and more.

  3. Organic cotton, bamboo, or hemp makes apparel ‘green.’

  4. Recycled PET transforms traditional polyester and plastics into environmentally-correct choices.

  5. Naturally-appealing products like plant seedlings, seed packets, and imprinted walnuts provide a clever alternative to man-made promotional items.

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