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Celebrate Global Massage Makes Me Happy Day on March 20th!

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As part of its Massage Makes Me Happy initiative, the Global Wellness Institute has deemed March 20, 2018 Global Massage Makes Me Happy Day. Compared to the high demand found in the ever-expanding massage industry, the number of qualified therapists in the marketplace is at a deficit. The institute’s website states, “The Massage Makes Me Happy initiative … aims to celebrate the healing powers of massage therapy and promote its benefits through research and education, advocacy and global awareness.” There are many ways professionals can celebrate and take advantage of the new massage holiday on a personal, spa, and client level.




Whether seasoned in massage therapy or not currently offering massage treatments, all professionals can expand their understanding of massage’s uses and benefits. If currently offering massage services, research additional techniques that could be implemented. Improve client education and recommendations by increasing understanding of treatment options and results. For those without massage services on their menus, research the positive impact of massage and consider the benefits of adding these services. Look into what it would take to hire massage therapists or get current staff certified. Other methods of expanding personal massage knowledge include taking a class or exchanging methods with other professionals. Celebrate Global Massage Makes Me Happy Day with a personal massage, as well. Professionals can use the positive benefits of massage just as much as their clients.





Global Massage Makes Me Happy Day is a great opportunity to treat clients and staff. Use discounts and deals to promote massage services to new and existing clients. Offer gift card specials so clients can gift massages to their friends or family for the holiday. Use social media to raise awareness for the holiday and share promotions that will run on this special day. Advertising free massages for the elderly or another demographic can also be a great way to increase charitable efforts.


When it comes to staff, look for training opportunities that can increase their massage knowledge and technique. Not only will this improve the services they provide, this will also boost the staff’s confidence and feeling of fulfillment in their job as they experience growth. Additionally, remember to thank and honor staff on this holiday. Consider expressing appreciation through gift cards for personal massages or other spa services.




Take the opportunity to improve client education on massage. Create brochures or posters that talk about the need for massage and the positive benefits of these services. Host an open house at the spa that includes an informational session on massage and a raffle for related prizes. Interview clients on their recent massage treatments, through video or written survey, and highlight favorite responses on social media. Massage can greatly impact clients, relieving stress and pain, and is a wonderful tool that many spas currently use. Whether it is through improving personal education, offering special promotions, looking into training options for staff, or increasing client education efforts, don’t miss the opportunity to join in the first celebration of Global Massage Makes Me Happy Day, on March 20, 2018.


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