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Bringers of the Heart: Planting Seeds for a New Way of Being

Written by   Linda Bertaut, founder of Chakralicious

A movement is happening. It is stirring from within the heart and calling people forth on a new path. Because this shift is subtle, many do not quite know what is happening; they just know that it is happening. It is no longer satisfying to go through the motions as though everything is okay or to do work where the main or only goal is to make money.

As people go through their day doing all the right things, they might notice that something is missing.

The underlying cause of this dissatisfaction is that people have been taught to not be themselves in order to fit in, get benefits, or simply survive. Many of the social belief sets people learn as children do not resonate with their true essence or who they currently are. Stress, anxiety, and even depression are symptoms of someone who is not being true to themselves. They are signs of an out-of-balance state in one or more of the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual bodies.

A shift in ideology is being led by "bringers of the heart" or people who are planting seeds for more love and acceptance. With an air of encouragement and knowledge, people feel safe and even healed in their presence. People are seeking more meaning and purpose in their lives. This search presents an opportunity for professionals who are feeling called to offer healing modalities in their practice. Many professionals are helping to create this new heart-based reality through their business.

How does someone know if they are a bringer of the heart? The following story is an inspiring example of a skin care professional who started following her heart.

Amy Wall, Love Amy Signature Skin Care in Mendocino, California
"One year ago, I was at a crossroads with my business brand and the type of work I was doing. When my business was Mendocino Beauty, I offered facials, waxing, and makeup – like everyone else – so nothing made me stand out. I really wanted to shift away from the traditional focus of working on the outer appearance and anti-aging in order to look younger.

Since I have gotten my reiki certification and started practicing the treatment on myself, I'm doing what my heart is telling me. I feel more confident doing what is calling me and not what looks like the best financial choice. I am more authentic with my clients; I come more from the heart and I really have changed the way I practice aesthetics. I create rituals rather than a regimen and skin care is self-love.

pic-1For example, I no longer use the term anti-aging. I make products and treatments for heart-centered women who want to experience feeling beautiful and love what they see in the mirror. I use beautiful aging and ageless radiance to describe a glow coming from the inside. There is a light that shines from within. I encourage my clients to love themselves from the inside – skin care is just the icing on the cake. My intention is that they find the sparkle in their own eyes when they look in the mirror.

The biggest thing I have realized is just how sensitive I am – that I have a gift. Reiki has really taught me that everything starts with me and that I have to be the example. I have to be authentic and practice it myself. I do reiki almost every morning on myself as I am waking up. I love the formula for a prayer. I pre-pave my day, visualizing how I want the day to go and putting all of that in the prayer; I give thanks for the day. I get to be of service to my clients by getting things accomplished. I just think there is so much magic in the world and reiki has helped me tune into the subtleties of energy.

I changed my business name to Love Amy, Signature Skin Care. As soon as I started practicing one type of facial, I became immediately known as being the best in the area. All the top clients started coming to me: the A-1 client who rebooks, buys retail, and refers you to her friends. They started coming in droves! I even won Esthetician of the Year at the Skin Games.

Because I know who I am and what I am offering, I am charging what I am worth and no longer giving out discounts. I honor myself by putting myself first.

If I am not able to pay my bills by giving deals away, then that is out of integrity. I am more accepting of the person that I am. Each day, I am able to be more in the present. I am calmer, less critical of myself, and, therefore, less critical of other people. My client relationships have improved because they walk out of their facial with something they did not expect: a healing process. As a result, my clients really love me and I love them.

I think the biggest thing for aestheticians to do is become the best at what they really love. Follow your heart and get specific about what you do. Have integrity, be true to yourself, and do not be afraid to express what is in your heart. There is so much opportunity to be a healer. It is an honor and privilege to take care of your clients the best way you can."

Bringers of the heart can connect with life through the wild heart of nature. Nature provides the answers if life is viewed as a garden. People reap what they sow both in a garden and in life. Professionals need healthy seeds, good soil, nourishment with water and fertilizer, and focused attention to tend to their growth. Add to that a supportive environment and professionals have everything they need to blossom and grow.

Before starting something new, the old must be cleared out. A garden embodies the idea of letting go of what has been in order to allow for what will be. The seed dies to produce the sprout. The blossom dies to produce the fruit. The fruit dies to bear the new seed.

Clear out the old growth, rake the leaves, pull out the weeds, and dig up the roots. Professionals should take the time to let go and clear the clutter in their space and mind. Journaling gives access to the programmed thoughts that have taken root in life that no longer offers support. Once a person knows what comprises their mental chatter, they can start to de-program by creating new soil to grow in.

Professionals should have a vision for their garden. They should ask themselves what type of garden they want, the purpose they want their garden to serve, and what they want to grow in their garden. What is their life's mission? What do they want to do, have, achieve, and experience?

Next, they should prepare, turn, fertilize, and water the soil. Professionals should burn or tear up any negative self-talk and bury it in the garden as the soil is turning. Consider the traumas and heartache in past experiences as the manure of life. The more manure present, the more fertilizer is needed to grow a beautiful garden.

Keep in mind that a garden is a limited space and one cannot possibly grow everything at once.

Professionals should plant the seeds that will bear the fruit that are most important to them. Say an intentional prayer while planting seeds. They should ask for what they want and visualize how it will look and feel. Take the time to select complementary seeds to plant with each other for the best growth.

Nurture and feed the garden. A garden requires constant care and attention, so tend to the growth. Peel away the layers that no longer apply so that peace and joy that comes from within can be experienced. By clearing away the distractions and interference, professionals will be able to tap into their feelings and intuition. Everyone has them, but they have been trained not to trust them. Professionals should have patience as they re-learn how to trust their inner guidance system.

Create boundaries. If professionals want a pest-free garden, they need to build boundaries around it. Say no to unwanted commitments, eliminate toxic
things and clients, prune away tasks and projects that are not as important, and refuse to allow interruptions or distractions that take attention away
from gardening.

Harvest the rewards and give thanks to nature for the bounty of the garden. Always share the good fortune with others.

Professionals should create a daily ritual that works for them, such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, reiki, conscious breathing, and spending time in nature.

Reiki is ideal because professionals can use it on themselves and others. It provides an expanded frequency that amplifies one's own healing abilities. A 20-minute hands-on treatment allows people to experience being in balance with reduced stress, anxiety, and mental chatter. Professionals should start with themselves as a bringer of the heart. Lead by example. They cannot change others, but they can certainly inspire others by being a gardener of
the heart!

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