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Thursday, 26 January 2017 04:35

Body Sugaring

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Consumers have a tendency to spend a noted amount of money to rejuvenate their faces but what happens to the rest of the largest organ of the body? From cellulite treatments to hair removal, consumers have not neglected their body! In fact, hair removal has become one of the fastest-growing sections of the beauty industry.

One hair removal method, sugaring, is gaining popularity for its organic nature and effective results.

Body sugaring is very safe for gently exfoliating and removing hair from skin that suffers from delicate conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, varicose veins, spider veins, and diabetes, because it does not further damage the skin. When performed correctly by a certified practitioner, advanced body sugaring gently exfoliates the excess cell accumulation from the skin. Sugar itself has natural healing properties, giving an added benefit to the treatments.

Ingrown hairs are generally trapped by excess dead skin, blocking the pathways to the hair shaft. Areas with deep terminal hair, such as the bikini area, however, can sometimes become infected and inflamed. The skin hardens over the mouth of the follicle, preventing the hair from pushing through. This occurrence can be quite painful and can lead to scarring.pic-1

Exfoliating the skin to rid the follicles of blockage with body sugaring not only clears the path for new hair growth, but also begins the healing process to repair the damaged skin tissue. Combining treatments with homecare retail products increases the healing process and improves the skin's condition. It is safe, simple, and effective!

Body sugaring is used for more than hair removal all over the world! The sugar paste's application helps it to gently adhere to dry skin cells, which then allows professionals to effectively exfoliate the dry skin, leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Other areas of the body, such as dry elbows, knees, under the buttocks, and the back of the arms, can be smoothed out successfully using body sugaring treatments. Regular treatments for sugaring hair removal and exfoliation (skin conditioning) will allow the skin to keep healing and remain well-balanced through the natural healing properties found in sugar.

Everyone amps up their workouts in an effort to obtain that beach-ready body. Adding body sugaring to clients' weekly routine will ensure their skin has a beautiful, healthy glow worthy of flaunting. Not everyone needs to remove the hair on their midsection, but with summer trends bringing crop tops and bralets, sugaring simply to condition the skin will brighten and soften it to enhance the midsection.

As a precautionary measure, remind clients that they should not tan the day-of or after a treatment because their skin will be more susceptible to burning due to exfoliation. Homecare treatments will keep their silky-smooth results lasting much longer.

After the winter months and change of seasons, many clients experience dry patches of skin around the nose, chin, and mouth areas. Molding the sugar paste lightly across those areas will gently remove the dry skin. Following up the sugaring treatment with a good mud mask or hydration cream will give clients optimum and deeper penetrating results.

Clients with acneic skin combined with dehydrated and dry-appearing skin tend to experience more breakouts simply because dehydrated skin produces more sebum, which creates new breakout cycles. Body sugaring is a great step in removing not just the dead skin cells, but clogged dirt and debris as well; the reasons for this being the advanced technique and sugar paste formulation that allows the sugar paste to seep into the follicles. Even if there is no hair to remove, the sugar still grips all that it touches inside the follicles and slides it out via a unique technique for extraction. Professionals can actually see comedones begin to peek out of the follicle until they are completely released!

A good quality mask following a sugar extraction treatment optimize the skin's balancing results. Keeping up the mask routine at home is a quick and easy fix to maintaining the skin's health. Using facial cleansers, toners, and hydration lotions that are low in chemicals that do not contain harmful ingredients, such as parabens, ureas, and petro ingredients, are perfect products for troubled skin and excellent for unisex retailing. All of these products in conjunction with hair removal combat troubled skin very well.

Take the spa's professional sugaring skills to a new level When using a reliable, soft, and pliable formulation with a very gentle technique, professionals can perform sugaring treatments to help their clients who suffer from psoriasis, eczema, or keratosis. Start by putting clients on a bi-weekly skin conditioning program. With or without hair, sugaring psoriasis, eczema, or keratosis every two weeks will help prevent an accumulation of excess dead skin in troubled areas. It will also keep the skin in optimum condition while healing it with every treatment.

Professional sugaring is about understanding sugaring hair removal and mastering, applying, and using a safe and natural sugar paste that results in clients enjoying and achieving optimum results. Thereby, the professional can bask in the glory of a job well done and, in turn, make a good living from it.

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