Applying Moisturizer Correctly

Improperly moisturizing the face can cause skin to be dull and dry instead of smooth and soft. There are certain things skin care professionals need to make clients aware of when applying moisturizer, such as spreading it on evenly, treating areas separately, cleansing, and more.

When applying moisturizer, it is essential that it is evenly distributed around the face. Skin care professionals should advise clients to begin by applying moisturizer to the middle of the face and moving outwards. This is done to avoid the product from settling along the hair line, which can cause clogged pores and breakouts.
Moisturizer with SPF must be applied correctly to bypass any sagging skin to form on a client’s neck and face. When administering moisturizer that includes sun protection, clients need to treat the face and neck separately. Convey to clients the importance of placing enough moisturizer on the face and neck because otherwise, they can begin to form wrinkles and sagging skin on neglected areas.
Many clients shower or wash their face and let their skin dry for about 10 minutes before applying moisturizer. This is not what they should be doing. Instruct clients to apply moisturizer within 60 seconds of cleansing because the skin can begin to dehydrate if clients wait too long.
Lastly, it is vital that clients are using the correct moisturizer for their skin. Some clients may use the same lotion they moisturize their body with on their face. This can lead to breakouts and irritated skin because the skin on the face is far more delicate than the skin on the body. Body lotions also have more oil in them. Clients with normal skin should use a light moisturizer with natural oils and clients with dry skin can use a moisturizer that has more oils in it.
Skin care professionals may think of moisturizing as a simple task that does not need addressed, but it is important to educate clients about the right way to moisturize. Moisturizing appropriately will leave skin soft, supple, and glowing!

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