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Treating Cellulite with Body Wraps

Written by   Lydia Sarfati, CEO and founder of Repêchage

There are several new (and expensive) machines to perform cold and warm body treatments to combat the signs of cellulite. If clients are looking for a more affordable and natural alternative, body wraps can now offer clients many different effects – from a warm, relaxing bundle in a thermal blanket to a stimulating, refreshing and cooling wrap in mint-soaked gauze. The treatments can be customized for specific target areas such as the legs. And, it is not necessary for a spa to have a shower for clients to enjoy wraps. Here, best ingredients and detailed protocols on wraps will be discussed.

Body wrap treatments which incorporate exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients can help improve skin tone and texture, while massage can help increase circulation.
First, be sure to do a proper assessment of the cellulite grade and body measurements before treatment. Measure the client’s arms, thighs, hips, abdomen, and waist. Measuring the body mass index (BMI) is also recommended.
A body wrap that combines peppermint oil with freshly-harvested seaweed may help refresh the skin, improving the firmness. Combined with massage, this treatment can also help improve circulation, making it an ideal treatment for sore, aching muscles or water retention.
Before beginning the treatment, combine one ounce of seaweed bath, with 10 drops of peppermint essential oil and add them to two liters of water in a hydroculator or a crockpot. Soak bandages in this solution for at least 20 minutes prior to performing the treatment.
Begin with dry brushing to gently exfoliate the skin and stimulate circulation. Turn the client over and repeat dry brushing.
Place a bath mat on the floor. The client should be standing up. Begin wrapping around the buttocks area and move towards the breast area. Stretch the bandages to create a mild compression and overlap the bandages by 1.5-inches while wrapping. Cover the nipple area with four by four cotton or a disposable bra and wrap over the area. Ask the client to lie on his or her back. Cover the client with mylar.
Begin wrapping the leg, starting from the thigh and moving towards the foot. Cover the area with mylar sheets, then continue with the other leg. Once the legs are wrapped and covered with mylar, drape a sheet over the top. Wrap the arms from shoulder to wrist, then wrap them in mylar.
Cover the client with a mylar sheet to ensure a thermal effect, and, then, place a sheet and towel over the mylar, followed by either a wool or electro-thermal blanket to keep the heat trapped. Allow the client to rest for 20 minutes.
Unwrap the mylar sheet and begin removing the bandages from the legs, and then the buttocks and chest. While unwrapping, cover the limbs with a dry sheet. Remove the mylar sheets from the table.
Have the client turn onto his or her stomach and apply a seaweed-based body contouring cream to problem areas, using hands to employ kneading, deep petrissage, and striking movements to penetrate the product.
|Mix two ounces of a seaweed-based body cream with four drops of peppermint oil in a glass bowl. Apply the mixture with long, effleurage strokes, beginning with the client’s back. When finished with the back of the body, have the client turn over and massage the front.
Though the cause of cellulite is unknown, all hope is not lost. Employing massage methods to improve circulation and wrapping problem areas with healing ingredients may diminish the appearance of dimpling skin.

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