Cruise Careers: Working On-board a Cruise Ship

Written by Mariell Arrhenius, spa manager on board Viking Ocean Cruises LivNordic Spa & Wellness

When working on a cruise ship, teammates often become like a family away from home. They are there to witness accomplishments, share laughs, and supply aid in
difficult situations.


Some work days begin at sunrise and end past sunset. Other days, work is only for a few hours in the afternoon. And, many days, there are no guests and time can be spent relaxing and enjoying life at sea.


A global family, with members from over 35 nationalities working, eating, dancing under the stars, and sometimes catching the sunrise at early morning hours, the staff are always there together, sharing moments and creating memories.


cruise2Everyone was new once, so a gentle, brotherly atmosphere is adopted, making everyone feel welcome from the very beginning. There are many opportunities to find likeminded people to befriend. However, these friends may not stay long because, on a ship, people move along quickly, as contracts vary in length. Yet, new connections are quickly recreated. With each contract, a professional’s world-wide family keeps growing.


Additionally, working on a cruise ship allows professionals to see astonishing glimpses of the world – stunning sites they will want to return to and discover more. Being a part of a global staff family, the vantage point from which a professional has previously witnessed the world keeps changing, keeps evolving, and keeps revolving itself, over and over again, which is the most amazing thing of all.

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