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2014 Winter Nail Trends

Gather the firewood, bust out the champagne flutes, and stash the flip-flops. Winter is on its way! This means parting with those bright summer pedicures and preparing for glamorous and glitzy manicures. This winter will bring with it a few twists on the old classics.

Keep your clients’ fashion-forward by recommending a modern update to French manicures or adding a dash of sparkle to their favorite shade.

Here are the winter nail trends you will need this year:

  • All That Glitters is Not Gold: Sometimes it is silver, red, or blue! This season, a major trend will be adding a layer of shimmer on top of classic colors. A regal violet purple would pair well with a layer of shimmering silver.
  • Modern French Manicures: This transitional nail trend will keep your clients looking fierce from the kids’ morning carpool up to cocktail hour. Pick some complimentary colors and let your imagination run wild. We are thinking anything from light opaques with a dark sheer tip to nudes with metallic tips.
  • Feminine Nudes: Just as nude shoes give extra length to the legs, nude-hued nails give the look of long, slender fingers. This is a lovely look for those trying to achieve subtle elegance. 
  • Design Pop: Move on from one nail that is painted in a different color than the rest. This year, paint all of your clients’ nails the same color, but add a fun design to just one nail. It can be as simple as a flower or as abstract as a kandinsky. 
  • Gunmetal Grey: This edgy color will be a staple this winter as it is eye-catching and will pair nicely with just about anything from your client’s winter wardrobe. 
  • Half Moon with Sparkle: Your glitter polishes will be getting a double workout this winter! Try the reverse French manicure with a matte base and glitter as the semi-circle.
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