Friday, 24 September 2021 12:19

Reminder Rally: Connecting Clients with Professionals

Written by   David Wachs

People spent a record-breaking amount of time outdoors this summer as pandemic restrictions lifted. There were more people enjoying outdoor activities such as dining al fresco, relaxing at the beach, or visiting campgrounds and national parks. After all that sun exposure, many clients should be visiting their dermatologists for a skin checkup and resuming their regular spa visits this fall. However, after more than a year of not being able to or hesitant to visit many service providers in person, some clients may still not be ready to make those critical appointments.

Because spas want to keep their clients’ skin in good health, it is important to encourage them to book their annual dermatology visits in addition to their spa appointments; spa owners should even consider partnering up with local dermatologists in this time of overexposure. Traditional appointment reminders may not be enough for reluctant clients, so dermatology offices and spas will need to get creative to find a way to calm fears and communicate the ongoing risks of delaying care in a manner that resonates.  

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