Friday, 28 May 2021 10:33

Healing Touch: The Emotional Aspect of Treating Cancer Clients

Written by   Chrissy Dress

Most aestheticians have entered the field of aesthetics because they want to help others feel good about themselves. Creating a space of peace and a sense of well-being is necessary. Some may think of themselves as healers or even energy workers, but what does that mean for the client who has cancer? How do skin care professionals treat them without making them feel uncomfortable, different, or even alienated? This task can be challenging for even the most seasoned of aestheticians.

Understand that just because a client is diagnosed with cancer does not mean that they should all be treated the same. There are different stages and types of cancers, and each client will have an individual diagnosis and story. Each cancer client has their own emotional identity not to be lumped together as another client who has or had cancer. This is the first and possibly most crucial key point to understand when treating this type of client.

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