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Level Up: Building Client Loyalty with Current Clients

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Building and sustaining client loyalty has never been more important as these challenging times have put heightened pressure on all businesses and their ability to survive. Loyalty provides a strong feeling of support and is a great way to boost overall business and increase client retention. Often, it is less expensive to keep a reoccuring client than to acquire a new one. Therefore, it is important to focus on how to build and continue to strengthen current client’s loyalty through various ways. 



What is a client loyalty program? There are many different programs and ways to offer them, but at the heart of these, marketing initiatives is the purpose of rewarding a clients purchasing behavior.Therefore, this increases the urge for the client to stay loyal to the company. Loyalty programs can span across both services and retail offerings or include both. No matter how one chooses to design their loyalty program, there will be costs associated with it. Hence, it is important to understand how the program will drive sales and as a result, grow the spa’s bottom line. If a loyalty program is of interest, it is important to do research on what type of program would be the best fit for the spa business. 



The aesthetics and spa industry are constantly evolving with new products, which includes new skincare ingredients with added benefits, waxing products, and aesthetic machines. Staying on top of these trends and continuing to read up on industry research and trends demonstrates a skin care professional’s passion, but it also ensures that clients can feel confident that they are receiving the best possible service every time they visit. Attending tradeshows, educational seminars, and reading industry publications and blogs are all easy ways to stay up-to-date with the latest product news of the industry. 



The notion that everyone is in this together has become increasingly apparent as everyone is faced with challenges. Creating a community through engagement with clients is a great way to increase loyalty and remain at the forefront of their mind. Consider engaging with clients through social media with posts that are relatable and sincere. Being involved in the local community by providing support to other small businesses and community organizations is a valuable way to show support and to build trust. 



Do not forget to make sure clients know how much they mean to the business. Often,the focus can sometimes shift to acquiring new clients, and it can be easy to forget about current ones. Offering a discount on their next service or a special VIP promotion is a great way to show appreciation for them and their continued loyalty.


In all, it is of the utmost importance to show loyal clients that their business to the professional is cherished. Take the time to stay active in continued education and offer only the services that best fit the spa’s clientele. Remain detailed in providing the very best for returning clients and stay active in collecting new clients through referrals. Through all this, skin care professionals can achieve a new level of active clientele.



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