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Are Pimple Patches Still a Thing?

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Pimple patches became popular in Asia at the beginning of the last decade and hit the United States around 2012. Are they still a thing? According to Amazon’s bestseller lists, yes. Updated hourly, Amazon’s bestseller lists provide a real-time look into what people are buying and as of 2020, five of the top 100 best-selling items on Amazon’s beauty and personal care list are acne patches.

Fans of these hydrocolloid band-aids evangelize them while others dismiss them as ineffective. But, after some research, they can be quite effective when used properly (sounds like all skin care products, right?).

What are they? Pimple patches are made of hydrocolloid, a squishy, plastic material used in wound dressings in hospitals. Hydrocolloid from blister pads is more widely recognized as they can be found at drugstores. The material absorbs fluid, forming a gel that gets trapped in the bandage, turning the area of the bandage white. Some patches are equipped with microdarts to potentiate the delivery of active ingredients within the patch.



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