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PCOS in POC: Treating Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in the Spa

Written by   Olivia Green

The hormonal disorder polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) effects one out of 10 woman globally. However, there is still minimal information about how to effectively treat this skin conditions on women of color.



A recent case study showed a client observed and treated for common characteristics of polycystic ovary syndrome on her skin. Issues with hormonal acne, post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH), hirsutism and folliculitis, and increased sensitivity around the mouth due to the elevated androgens were noted on the client. The skin care treatment plan included professional hydrating treatments with light therapy and tyrosinase inhibitors to target post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, mandelic acid-based chemical peels, and supplements, such as zinc and glutathione to aid in reducing acne inflammation and excess pigmentation. These treatments were performed twice a month to properly address skin concerns and gauge the effects of the treatments on the case study. In addition to the topical treatments, the study and aesthetician worked closely with the client’s physician.




For skin care professionals, it is important to consider a client’s lifestyle when treating polycystic ovary syndrome. Recommend changes to the client’s lifestyle included incorporating consistent exercise three to four times a week, increasing water intake to 64 ounces per day, and electing to use a low-estrogen level birth control as hormone therapy. The homecare can consist of products that contain salicylic and mandelic acid, burdock root, tyrosinase inhibitors, lipids, and a chemical sun protectant factor of 30 or more. These components aid in proper exfoliation, hydration, and the fortifying of the client’s skin barrier to reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation during professional treatments.


Overall, clients can see results in the reduction of cystic breakout, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and folliculitis. Approaching polycystic ovary syndrome skin with care and knowledge ensures the client gets the best results.

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