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That’s a Wrap: Heating Up the Treatment Room with Infrared Body Wraps

Written by   Jennifer Gunzer, CEO and founder of Salt+Sweat

Infrared heat saunas offer a myriad of benefits and therapeutic effects. They are generally utilized for wellness and healing, calorie burning, and detoxification. They have also been used to stimulate cells and tissues, reduce inflammation, and promote heart health. Additionally, studies demonstrate that infrared sauna therapy aids neuromuscular recovery following athletic performance and endurance training.


In a typical treatment, lying down in a supine position on a massage table, clients are wrapped in an infrared body wrap which heats up the body’s core. As a result, the wrap stimulates the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems to expel toxins and burn calories.


The infrared body wrap is comprised of the following: healing amethyst, which enhances the benefits of infrared; a tourmaline layer, which generates negative ions; a charcoal layer, to amplify the detoxification process; a medical-grade magnetic strip, for improved blood circulation; EMF free heating; and premium non-toxic interior and exterior fabrics.


Prior to treatment, the client should be advised to stay hydrated. Typically, clients are required to drink eight ounces of water upon their arrival and an attendant provides water throughout the session.


Once complete, the client should be encouraged to spend time cooling the body slowly, by hydrating and replenishing with water and fresh fruit.


It is also recommended that clients follow the wrap treatment with a massage for enhanced detoxification and lymphatic drainage.


Clients can enjoy the following benefits from an infrared body wrap treatment:

  • detoxification (seven times more detoxifying than traditional heat)
  • anti-anxiety (increases feel good chemicals and lowers cortisol)
  • calorie burn (up to 800 calories per hour)
  • antiaging (boosts collagen and produces a healthy glow)
  • improved sleep
  • reduced inflammation
  • increased blood flood and circulation
  • soothing of sore muscles and joints
  • aid in weight loss
  • stimulation of immune and cardiovascular systems

Infrared body treatments can be a great addition to any spa.

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