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Beyond the Body: Spa Treatments for Mental Wellness

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In the past, spa treatments have been aimed primarily at physical aesthetics, focusing solely on the body, with the mind as an afterthought. However, now, more than ever, placing mental wellness at the forefront of spa services is a hot trend in the industry.

Today, many spas are incorporating treatments specifically designed for the mind and spirit into their menus. Meditation and mindfulness are particular areas of interest that spas are emphasizing in traditional treatments like massage and facials. Newer meditation-oriented services are also appearing on the scene, with increasingly more spas offering bathing, soaking, and even sleep therapy. Alternative wellness therapies – like energy, sound, light, flotation, vibration, music, and color therapy – are also becoming more mainstream.

Many spas are even promoting mind wellness through their spa policies, encouraging clients to surrender their phones upon arrival for a digital detoxification during their treatments. Some are beginning to offer help for mind-body balance through stress management mentoring.

Treatments that borrow from ancient healing methods have long been used in the spa industry, but are seeing an increase in popularity, as well. Many spas are adding reiki, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, Gua sha, and other holistic healing approaches to their menus.

Spa treatments aimed specifically at mental wellness are ever more popular and the opportunities are diverse. Sunrise Springs Spa Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico offers therapies that include animal interactions with chickens and puppies!1

Clients have long enjoyed the mind-spirit benefits of spa services, such as relaxation and time for self, but, today, clients are specifically seeking a one-stop approach to wellness that prioritizes their aesthetic, mental, and spiritual needs.


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