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10 Things About...The Neck and Décolleté

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The neck is often a neglected area during skin care professionals' treatments and clients' homecare regimen. Clients spend so much time focusing on their face, but often go without addressing the neck area, which is one of the first places to show signs of premature aging. Everyone needs to pay more attention to this essential part of the body.

As with many aspects of the modern world, people need to be aware of the change in their lifestyle habits, which not only includes a daily skin care routine, but also modern technology. Today, professionals are hearing terms like "tech neck" and "text neck." While these terms may sound like millennial lingo, the truth is that modern technology, along with other contributing factors, are causing degradation of collagen and elastin in the neck and décolleté area, regardless of age.

1.  The skin on the neck is thinner and weaker than the skin on the face because it has less fatty tissue and sebaceous glands than facial skin.1

22.  Everyone has different sleep patterns that may be hard to control, but people can help reduce the horizontal bands and vertical lines on their neck by being aware of how they rest their head at night. For the most skin-friendly shut-eye, people should try to rest their head on a comfortable pillow and remain laying on their back for the entirety of the night. A pillow under the knees often helps to prevent rolling over to the sides or stomach during the night.


33.  Sun-induced damage on the neck and chest area can not only cause pigmentation issues, but also fine lines, wrinkles, and skin sagging. Many people simply forget to apply sunscreen or choose not to use any at all, worsening the wrinkles that appear. With the neck area being so fragile and delicate, damage is shown faster there than on the face. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, sun exposure speeds the aging process and contributes to 90 to 95 percent of the cumulative signs of aging, such as lines, wrinkles, and skin discolorations.

4.  While many who suffer from a sagging neck turn to surgical procedures, there are many non-invasive treatments that show significant 4improvement after repeated sessions. They can be performed by a skin care professional and do not require any downtime. For instance, a series of IPL treatments can address brown and red pigment; radio frequency can be used to help tighten skin around the jawline and neck; and non-ablative laser treatments can help improve texture, tone, and overall appearance. Microcurrent is a valuable tool for facial, neck, and chest toning. When used, it is like a workout for the face and neck, re-educating the muscles that support the skin above. It is also helpful in enhancing the production of collagen and elastin, improving facial and neck muscle tone, increasing product penetration, and boosting blood and lymph circulation.

55.  Highly effective skin-remodeling peptides, such as Matrixyl and Matrixyl 3000, containing oligopeptides and cell-messengering complex, target tissue-producing cells to enhance firmness and re-sculpt the area of the neck, jawline, and décolletage. Look for a luxurious neck cream that contains this ingredient, along with the following named ingredients, as the results seen will be a smoother, firmer skin with a visibly lifted, more youthfully sculpted appearance.


6. To enhance a sculpted effect, use a product that contains the anti-puffiness complex, Eyeliss, a blend of skin-strengthening flavonoids6 and elasticity-enhancing peptides that reduce slackened skin tone and visibly re-firm flaccidity in the hard-to-repair neck area.

7. Age-fighting European yeast extracts help revive fatigued skin, support repair, and improve overall tone. Yeast extracts also restore tone and reenergize cells in this vulnerable region of the neck and décolletage.

88. Keep an eye out for Uplevity™, a gravity-fighting tetrapeptide specifically developed to improve skin firmness, suppleness, and elasticity and reduce skin flaccidity and sagging by reinforcing the natural resistance. It enhances the expression of genes involved in the organization of elastic fibers and dermal cohesion. It specifically targets proteins involved in creation and organization of elastic fibers. It provides more efficient support for skin exposed to repetitive movement and folding, such as technology use (tech neck or text neck).

9. Harsh environmental and weather conditions can contribute to dehydrated neck skin. Cranberry oil, a vitamin E-rich barrier repair oil, contains all eight members of the vitamin E family for full-spectrum protection from environmental radicals. This nourishing oil not only deeply moisturizes, it also helps diminish the effects of environmental pollutants. Cranberry oil is an extremely moisturizing oil that easily penetrates and aids in penetration of rich essential fatty acids, which the neck and décolletage desperately need.

10. When done regularly, facial exercises can help tighten neck muscles and create a more sculpted look. "These exercises, which involve tilting your head, 10stretching your neck and holding for five seconds, can help strengthen the muscles so the lines aren't as apparent," says face yoga expert Fumiko Takatsu.

It is much more difficult to treat the neck and décolleté area, especially after extensive damage has occurred, therefore, every facial treatment and home care regimen should include steps and products addressing these delicate areas. Just as clients develop habits and routines to treat their facial area morning and night, the same should be done for the neck and décolleté region. It is, however, crucial to invest in formulations that solely focus their ingredient technology on the issues specific to the aging of the neck and décolletage.
Be proactive and start giving the neck and décolletage the attention it deserves daily. Apply sunscreen not only to the face, but also to the front, back, and sides of the neck. It only takes a few minutes out of the day, and the benefits of having a firmer, more contoured neck and smooth, spot-free décolletage will be enjoyed for years to come!

Ashley-StowersAshley Stowers is a national educator and account executive for YG Laboratories and CelleClé Skincare. In addition to her role in sales, Stowers provides hands-on support in all aspects of education and product knowledge training, protocol development, and effective business merchandising. With over 15 years of experience in sales and education, holding positions as an aesthetics instructor and skin care therapist, Stowers possesses a very broad and unique understanding of the professional world and skin care industry.

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