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Spa Equipment

Written by   Katie Stanton

Spa equipment can help excite your clients, increase your profit, and keep your clients coming back for more. In today’s industry, it can be very difficult to keep a long-term client; which is why providing them what they are looking for is a key to success. New modalities and equipment will not only expand your services but increase your worth to your clients. You are important to your client because you boost their self-confidence and make them feel beautiful. Products alone are sometimes not enough, which is why professionals consider purchasing equipment.

Of course there is no doubt you want the best equipment that fits your target price range and is going to be reliable, cost-efficient, produces results, and increases your revenue. Your business is worth investment and your goals are obtainable. You are not going to invest your business in something that is not going to help you achieve your goals. When considering purchasing equipment, the cost per treatment, revenue streams, and marketing should be a part of the buying process. Spa and salon businesses set themselves apart from competitors by supplying a variety of services, so your decision in purchasing equipment for your business should be no different. Set yourself apart by choosing something that is unique and can provide maximum results.
Consider your clientele and their goals. What are your clients the most interested in: anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, resurfacing, hair removal, body work? The piece of equipment that interests you the most should be able to enhance another service you already offer. This will help your business by being able to cross-sell and maintain the interests of your clients. Take the time to consider your investment, consider your options, make a plan, and set your goals.
You may already know what you are looking for and what kind of services you want to perform, but how do you know which pieces to choose? Take laser hair removal for instance; there are so many machines that provide the same service, but all differ in results. Contact the company and find out if you can see a demonstration, ask questions, find out the good, the bad, and most importantly ask them if there is anyone in your area performing services with this equipment. Once you receive a demonstration and see the results first-hand, it will help you decide if this is really what you are looking for. Visit a local trade show. Most trade shows will have multiple vendors showcasing their equipment. You will be able to get a variety of information in a short amount of time to narrow your interests down to what is going to be your best investment.
Once you have narrowed down your search, take the time to consider the company. Is the company willing to help you through your purchase, marketing, repair, and overall support you in your goals? Is there a warranty? Do they offer upgrades or additional benefits? If a company is not going to be supportive through the entire process from start to finish, take into consideration the integrity of the company; then decide if that is the type of company you should do business with. You need support after purchasing. Yes, you are the initiator when performing and marketing your new equipment; but having the additional support will help you stay motivated and succeed in your new endeavor. After all, you need to have the confidence in knowing that your investment is going to produce a return.
You should also be sure to check with your state board for regulations regarding equipment. Every licensee is required to stay up to date and be aware of any changes in their state’s regulations. Any changes may affect what treatments you perform or how you perform them. The FDA regulates equipment based on safety standards; the FDA does not determine if a technician is allowed to perform a service. Your state board makes the determination whether a technician can perform a service under a particular license. Contact your state and ask questions about the equipment that interests you to find out if you are allowed to perform such services.
Now you have decided what you want to buy, but do you finance or rent? Most companies offer financing for equipment. If none are available, there are private financing companies who will assist you with your purchase. Financing has its advantages, as long as you are proactive; but renting helps keep your business capitol open for other adventures like products, marketing, or a lease/mortgage. Renting is also 100 percent tax deductible. For those on a budget, this is a way to increase your services so your business maintains the look and feel your clients are looking for in a spa or salon. Renting also allows you to see the profit potential if you are not quite sure you want to buy. When financing your equipment, make sure to get a few quotes to determine the best interest rate possible. Some companies offer a fixed rate while others base it off your credit score and history.
One thing to remember after purchasing your equipment is to call your malpractice insurance provider to add your equipment and new treatments to your policy. It is always good to keep your policy updated to avoid any mishaps or a lawsuit. Your new equipment is an investment and you need to protect it. Talk with your insurance provider about adding your finance company as a loss payee. Adding your finance company as a loss payee will insure that if for any reason your equipment gets stolen or damaged, your finance company will get paid and you will not have a payment for equipment you can no longer make a profit from.
Marketing your new service should be fun and you should be committed to the success of your new equipment. What good is it going to do you by investing your hard earned money into something that is going to collect dust? How are you going to showcase your new menu expansion? Social media, coupons, new custom service packages, or maybe an open house might come into play when thinking about launching your new services. There are so many ways to engage your clients and prospective clients by finding new ways to keep things fresh. However, your greatest asset is communication. When they come in for an appointment, talk to them about your new equipment; how it can benefit them and their goals; how exciting it is; and the results expected. If they get great results, their friends will hear and your new service will become a demand. In fact that is the best way to market your services; it is free and will have the most impact! Get excited; this is your time to shine, show off, and explore the benefits of your
new equipment!

Katie-StantonKatie Stanton has been in sales and marketing for the last 10 years. She graduated from Metropolitan State College of Denver with a degree in Communications and currently lives in Denver, Colorado with her family. She is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and has been working in the beauty industry for the last year.
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